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  1. When I first encountered it, I thought people used it due to laziness even when knowing the correct form. I know there's an "allot" but the meaning isn't even related. And nice web comic. I think I've encountered that way back through another forums. It's a funny way of reminding or teaching people the correct form.
  2. I've always wondered about this although I've usually just do not use a comma before and. I would stick with this although I would be moving to the US soon, I'm wondering if it's a big deal over there. Not that it's hard to put an extra comma before and.
  3. In general, no. I guess there'd be specific situations when you would be required to learn more than 2 languages but I'm guessing it's something rarer than we'd think. For many people who speak more than 2 languages, it's possible that they learned the languages because the situation influenced them without making it a requirement.
  4. I haven't experienced this yet, especially since I haven't left my country ever. I will soon live in the US and I was thinking of introducing Tagalog to my children when I have them. Even if I fail at teaching my future kids Tagalog, I think I will never really forget it since I've lived in my country for around 27 years now.
  5. It's still in Tagalog mostly. It's not too hard to think in Tagalog and then speak in English for me. When you use both regularly, it's quite easy to switch from one to another or even speak in a mix of both. In the Philippines, we have what we call "Taglish" which is a mixture of Tagalog and English.
  6. I still like it because I can use it to communicate with many people all over the world. It's the language that enabled me to be close to a good number of people and it's what I use in my job. As romantic as other language can be, I still like English for all the ways I use it to connect with people.
  7. I feel bad because I giggle when someone uses hung on a person who killed himself using a rope. I do try my best to not respond and say they should just ask for help to be put down and then I realise just how that sounds.
  8. Edgar Allan Poe Stephen King Peter Straub Richard Matheson If you'd notice, these authors mostly write horror stories. I love horror in writing. It's scary in a different way because it describes what happens in much detail which we usually miss when we're watching it instead.
  9. I'm not sure if it's being taught still in the Philippines. I can still write in cursive and my signature is in it but I don't really use it, especially when I mostly type these days. It's a fun thing to do if ever you want to seem old fashioned. I do know some movies still use it to show how people used to write.
  10. I remember playing it before. I thought of doing it again but I forgot the website. Thanks for the reminders. It's really good because as you progress, the difficulty also becomes harder.
  11. I don't have it on my phone but I do play it on my cousin's phone. It's fun because we would try to help each other guess. I don't know how it can help in learning English although I feel like it's a good gauge of how vast my vocabulary is if I'm trying to come up with a word that has associations with all the pictures.
  12. I don't know how cheaper it is. I would do self study from the internet and it would only cost me my internet connection fee. I'd guess it would be comparable to learning from TV in a way, except you can have varied sources which I think might be good.
  13. Nice. I thought whilst was just old English because I think I've seen it in older literature. I didn't know it was a word that is used in English-speaking countries except the US. I think I might have also encountered it in one of my fantasy games which is why I've always associated it with older times.
  14. Wow, I've always wondered when I'm using the right one. Thanks for the guide. I'll try it with simple sentences then. The car that is making a lot of noise is my grandmother's. The car, which looks very old, is my grandmother's.
  15. I want to be able to express myself in writing in English in the best way I can. I am trying to write in a website called Bubblews (here are my works: www.bubblews.com/account/68747-madbunnyxd) and been trying to write everyday to practise my English. I've also join English MUD games where I roleplay as different people. It helps to be different characters who also have different ways of speaking. I have a leader-type of character where I make evil sermons and I also have someone who is a simpleton. It's fun and I get to learn more complicated words that way.
  16. Sounds fascinating. I think I'll teach my kids Tagalog as soon as I through using words and phrases first. I want it to be something fun so they would really like the language and probably use it when we go to the Philippines. Of course I need to make them first, but it's a nice dream to have.
  17. I haven't yet! Although I talked to my fiance how we should one day stay in France for a long vacation just to breathe the culture haha. I need to work on learning French though. I know there's a lot to learn but you can never overprepare for this kind of thing!
  18. Oh, another evidence that I use LOL so much is when trolling my aunt with my cousin, we say LOLOLOL while waving our heads like idiots. I don't know why but I love doing that to my aunt. No one outside the family gets to see that though!
  19. Mostly combination although it leans more on read/write kind of learning. I remember when I was still studying, I would specifically remember things like where a term or topic is written on my notebook which helps when I have an exam. It's odd but my brain sort of orders it that way and it helps me remember.
  20. Just bilingual. English and my first language. It helped a lot especially when our relatives from Australia dropped by to visit. Many Filipinos do understand English although we can be very shy if we cannot express ourselves well. Instead of our cousins keeping to themselves, we were able to talk about many things and do more fun stuff.
  21. I haven't gone to another country yet but I do go somewhere far from the city where most of my relatives speak a different dialect. I'm used to it so I'm not really embarrassed even when they tease me and my sister about it, saying they'll sell us to bad guys. D:
  22. I can't really distinguish if there's a difference between Canadians and Americans speaking in English although I hear there are. As for me, my English has Filipino accent, more evident when I am having problems expressing myself. I'd think Americans can still understand how I talk given how I was able to help a lot of them over the phone with their TV problems.
  23. I've been thinking about this too ever since I got engaged. My fiance is American and he hasn't learned any other second language. Living in America, our kids will certainly learn English as their first language but I want to also teach them Tagalog although I don't know how successful I'd be with that.
  24. I'm okay with it. I mean, I've seen worse. We have something called jejemons in the Philippines where they overly complicate texting by using substitutes for letters. Like 4 for A, or something. Something like PO can be complicated into p0h or even poewh. Those are the annoying ones.
  25. I eventually want to learn one East Asian language. Probably Korean or Japanese. It should help a lot with my watching East Asian drama. I also just want to be able to do it because their writing can be very challenging. I'm only used to Roman letters.
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