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  1. I've started to learn a second language several times since I was about 10, but the only time when I actually decided to stick with it was when I started learning Japanese when I was 13. I'm really enjoying it, and I hope that I manage to keep on going with it in the future. Of course, it would probably have been easier to start learning when I was younger, but any time is better than never, I suppose
  2. Personally, I prefer lyrics just because (if well-written) they tend to compliment the music and create a message which I find just as strong as poetry. Obviously, it depends on what lyrics and poetry you're comparing, but in general I prefer lyrics. My favourite band is Pink Floyd, and the lyrics in their songs are one of my favourite things about them. I do really like poetry too but I haven't read a lot of it - it's a difficult question.
  3. In real life I prefer short, straightforward sentences so that I know exactly what's happening. The exception is when a person is talking about something I'm very interested in, because then I want as much detail as possible! In writing I like to have a blend, because I think it makes it more interesting as it sets a tone and atmosphere.
  4. I usually use relatively good spelling and grammar when I text, because otherwise it really can be a bit hard for people to tell what you're saying. The only 'shortcut' I use is u instead of you (not sure why that's the exception really). I look back on my texts from when I was about 12 and it's pretty embarrassing to see how many abbreviations I used!
  5. While I don't actually correct people myself (unless they actually ask me to proofread their work) it does irritate me when people use the incorrect grammar. I wouldn't mind if English wasn't their first language, but all the people I know who make mistakes have learnt English all their lives and I don't see how they haven't managed to pick up on the mistakes they make yet. That said, correcting people just to prove your argument isn't a very nice thing to do, and it really doesn't help to prove your argument. If you're going to correct someone, you might as well do it in a pleasant way so that people are more likely to learn from their mistakes.
  6. One of my favourite books ever is probably Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier. The plot is interesting and well-unfolded, but my favourite thing about it is probably the style of writing, which is completely beautiful. Another two books I'll never forget are The Night Circus, which again has amazing description and the whole idea is one which I wish was true, and When You Reach Me, which has really interesting ideas about time travel (I must have read that book at least ten times).
  7. I think slang just something that occurs in every language. It makes speaking more interesting, and it shortens words. I don't think I use that much slang, but that's probably just because I'm used to it - if I actually counted the amount of slang words I used in an average conversation, I expect I'd be quite surprised
  8. I'd really like to learn French. I know some French people, and I love the country. I've started to learn it a couple of times, but I've always just given up, so if I can make myself more motivated, then I'd really like to start learning it.
  9. At my high school, we had to try all of the options subjects in our first year. This included languages like Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Maori. I really enjoyed Japanese because I liked the challenge of learning a whole new alphabet, and I've always thought that Japan is really cool country and one which I'd like to visit some time. This meant that I ended up taking Japanese the next year, and I haven't regretted it at all
  10. I've pretty much always learnt in a class with lots of other students. I enjoy this, since it means that you can learn by having conversations with people and it helps you to remember things. I tried to learn French just with my friend, and eventually we just sort of stopped - the good thing about learning in a class with lots of other people is that it keeps you motivated, and it means that you can't really just stop.
  11. Yes I agree, it does seem like the majority of people are getting worse at spelling. They rely on spell check, which is alright I suppose if they're using a computer, but it's really not very helpful when you're writing things out by hand. In my class, we haven't had a spelling test for ages - it sort of seems like the teachers have given up on it.
  12. I live in New Zealand and we use spellings like "colour" and "favourite". I prefer these ones, and I always feel a bit confused when I see the American spellings (even if I suppose they kind of make more sense.)
  13. Like most people, I hate it when anyone uses your instead of you're (or vice versa). Also there, they're and their. I understand these things in someone who's only just learning English, but it really irritates me when English is a person's mother tongue and they still can't use proper grammar.
  14. I think I'm quite a fast reader in my native tongue (English). I sort of skim read, which means that sometimes I think I've missed something but when I go back I haven't usually. I'm faster than my dad anyway But I can't read properly in any other language yet.
  15. I love Welsh, Irish and Scottish accents, because they just have such a beautiful sound and they're so different to the accent in my country (New Zealand). I also really like Cockney accents, just because I really like London and I think they sound really cool. The New Zealand accent is a bit boring...
  16. Yes, I live in New Zealand where English is pretty much the only language widely spoken. It's compulsory to do it until year 11, although we never seem to learn a huge amount... I'd much rather learn some other languages instead, instead og going over grammar over and over again.
  17. I've given up on learning a few languages. Sometimes it's because I've been unable to continue with it, but other times it's just been because I've gotten distracted. This happened with French. Last year, my friend and I started to learn French online and we weren't doing too badly, but then we just stopped. I'm not sure why exactly - I suppose we just got too busy and thought of other things that needed to be done. Sometime I'd like to start learning French again, but I'll leave it until I give up some other things probably. The good thing about learning a language at school is that you can't just give up, so it really motivates you to continue. That's why I think I'll do much better at learning Japanese than I did at French, Russian, Spanish, or any of the other languages that I've tried to start learning
  18. It would be quite fun to learn a fictional language, but only if you knew other people who could speak it to. Otherwise it might be a bit sad to have this skill that you have but can't use... I haven't ever tried to learn a fictional language, but I would if I found one which was interesting and if I could get at least one of my friends to learn it to, especially since I find it easier to learn languages with other people around
  19. I think the next language I'd like to learn is French. I've started learning it a couple of times, but I always gave up. If I could motivate myself and actually keep on going with it, I think it would be really useful and interesting, so it would be good to take a course in it or something.
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