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  1. When I was in school I did have a Spanish mentor outside of my regular teacher. My mentor gave me extra help with pronunciation that my teacher couldn't. I definitely suggest mentors to everyone
  2. I think it is how effective the language is used to get the point across.
  3. I really like this idea, not sure why. I think that his idea is true at some extent
  4. I know that Mandarin is the most common of these languages, but which is the least common?
  5. In my opinion words are just words. I don't understand how some words can be frowned upon
  6. I don't understand how direct questions could be considered rude. Maybe its just me but when I get asked direct questions I am glad to help rather than considering them rude
  7. I absolutely love poetry. I believe that some lyrics are so perfectly constructed that they can be considered poetry.
  8. I have used this once or twice in conversation before. My most common lengthy word is promiscuous.
  9. I have been trying to learn spanish for a few years now and I am nowhere near the point where I can speak it fluently. I know a lot about the language but not enough to survive in a foreign land with.
  10. Youtube is a great source for language learning. I have provided a link to a website that lists that 5 best youtube pages to learn spanish from. Enjoy http://blog.brainscape.com/2011/04/youtube-channels-learn-spanish/
  11. Hey there everyone, my native language is English and I am attempting to learn Spanish. I am here to learn techniques
  12. I honestly laughed out loud at this. There are so many reasons that english doesn't make any sense.
  13. I have been putting a lot of work in lately in learning Spanish and what I find that helps me the most is finding a news video that has a script of everything they are saying. I take this and watch the video and then read the script. Any words I don't know I lookup and add to my list of words to study. This works for me and could benefit you
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