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  1. Hearing it from people who are fluent in the language and then repeating the specific words to myself kind of sticks with me after awhile. Rolling did used to be difficult, but once you've mastered it, it will start to become natural! Roll away.
  2. Yes, I heard Amazon is one, but there are several others included. I think iTunes although not sure. But other media outlets for sure. If you are going the super professional way, then check out this article on Forbes. It talks about ebook publishing and lists the best publishers. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeremygreenfield/2013/04/24/which-publishers-are-the-best-at-selling-ebooks-in-2013/ Good luck!
  3. Yeah I think Spanglish is quite common -- especially among the hispanic Americans at my job. But at the same time, that makes it easier on someone who is learning either language. It helps you to keep up with what they are talking about. Perhaps a good learning tool?
  4. Oh wow, now this is a mind boggling question! Since I do not know sign language, this question has never crossed my mind. But I would assume that since there are different languages, there would be some form of difference in sign language. Just my opinion, never researched it.
  5. For Americans, I think the top 3 languages spoken here are English, Spanish, and French. Those are the languages most schools offer or require you to learn during grade school. I always say this, but if I could go back, I would have definitely taken learning another language seriously. Now I'm playing catch up.
  6. Of course I'm not surprised that French is the most romantic language. When you think of French you think of Paris. But I also think some form of Spanish could be romantic. For instance, it's stereotypical for hispanic models on TV (i.e. Sofia Vergara) to speak very sexy, romantic like in her native language. That almost tops French. But as a whole -- as an entire population, French wins.
  7. Good question, although I'm not sure what you mean by the basics necessary needed for a trip to Mexico. I live in DC where Spanish is almost the primary language, so basics are definitely needed here! But what has worked for me is an app called Babbel. It can be downloaded on iOS (not sure about Android) and begins you on a basic level of Spanish. One of the top recommended! Good luck and enjoy Mexico.
  8. These three words are often used wrong. They're should be used when you need "are" behind they. They are (they're) going to the movies. Their should be used in referring to someone's possession. Their clothes are nice. Process of elimination -- then use there! (lol)
  9. I've never gotten these two words mixed up because they aren't even pronounced the same. Loose should be used when referring to like your shoe tie being "loose". Lose should refer to like you're losing a game. Similar pronunciation, but it's not.
  10. Even in my native country of America where English is the primary language, the course is still a requirement in the school system. For instance in college, you have to take English 101 and 102 that focuses on writing, grammar, and a little literature. English was one of my favorite subjects growing up.
  11. I'm from the south (America) and I used to care about what people thought of my strong southern dialect. But over the years, I've learned to disguise it and speak more professionally. It only comes out when I visit home
  12. Literature to me means a piece of beautiful work written beautifully. A piece of work that you can visualize and relate to. At least that's what I learned it to be back in high school. I know that it's more to it.
  13. This seems to be a good idea only if you're semi fluent in the language that you're trying to learn. It would be awfully hard reading/writing in a language that you can barely understand. It could definitely be a later stage in the process. Sounds fun!
  14. Yes I think so. Even with other languages, those have different accents. For instance, there are many different European accents that Americans notice. And with English, there are also different accents in America.
  15. I do think the English language should be THE primary language in the world. Meaning that everyone regardless of where the person is from, should know English. I guess you can say that I do anticipate it. Spanish or French should be second.
  16. If English is the native language for a person, answering this question can't always be accurate. Of course we'll think that it's easier. A few hispanic kids (ages 5-6) that I work with everyday, pick the English language up fairly quickly.
  17. I can see how it could be therapeutic. Learning a new language is also supposed to teach you about that culture. It should take you away from your current situation (native language) and take you to the culture of the language you're studying.
  18. This may be too traditional and not in style, but what has always worked for me are FLASH CARDS. Buy a bunch and go through them whenever you get a quick moment in your day. You will be surprised at how much you learn from flash cards. Just a suggestion.
  19. I just started noticing the difference between English UK and English American. I'm not sure why the spell checkers are always American, but to me, there really isn't a large difference between the two.
  20. It should be "cancelled" with the double L's. But funny, I often see it spelled as "canceled". And be careful... when you type in Microsoft word or text message, it won't correct "canceled" as being misspelled.
  21. For the English language, I would have to say that I often misspell (before correcting): Behavior Discipline Available Pronunciation (lol) Restaurant When I text/type, these always come up as being misspelled, but i correct before sending.
  22. Lol. Silly topic, but English words that sound the funniest to me are: 1. Coupon 2. Pamphlet I'm sure there are others, but those are first two that come to mind!
  23. The easiest method of learning Spanish (for me) is writing. I can learn the words and write them all day -- but then there's the hard part, pronunciation. I struggle with that day in and day out. It's getting better though.
  24. I do now that I've started taking Spanish serious. At the company where I work, there is a new Spanish word on the head white board everyday. It lists the spanish version of the word, the English version, the pronunciation and the definition. Very useful!
  25. Learning and knowing a little Spanish has become beneficial to me in my everyday life. Living in Washington, DC, specifically in a Hispanic area, it's almost a requirement to know Spanish. Most times they do not know English. I've had to respond several times in their language and it made me feel really great!
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