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  1. Necesito ir a mis clases hoy. Despues, voy a levantar pesas y jugar fútbol. Entonces necesitará estudiar por tres horas y mirará mis (investments?). Creo que podré dormir muy temprano esta noche.
  2. Quiero vivir en España, pero no tengo el dinero ni la educación para viajar en este momento. Necesito asistir una universidad Americana antes de que viajar. Me gustaría viajar a España y especialmente a Barcelona para estudiar mientras estoy estudiando en una universidad. Estudiará ciencias y (engineering) y no se si hay viajes a España para estos sujetos.
  3. This one is great. Just also try to google around for "Don Quijote English Full Text" or simply read in Spanish and translate as you go. What I would do back when I was reading Don Quijote is read X number of pages in English, then go back and read them in Spanish to get exposed to how the book was really written. It's almost like translating every word but if you've read the English version first you don't have to keep googling words, you'll have some clue to what they mean and you'll be able to continue on.
  4. Like you said, the only real solution here is to speak to native speakers as often as possible. I'm at that point with learning Spanish... I've reached the extent of classroom studying and the only way I'll improve is if I'm placed into a primarily Spanish-speaking setting to fend for myself. That being said, try speaking with friends who are also learning English as often as possible, and when you do, try to converse in English. Listen to non-english music and translate the lyrics to English. Listen to English music and sing a long, but above all keep trying to get that native exposure!
  5. I don't know about applications but the website Quizlet has helped me a lot throughout the years with learning new vocabulary and even some grammatical concepts. Basically you enter words and it will create flashcards with them that you can play various games with on the Quizlet site. 30 minutes on the site and I'd have 30 new vocab words memorized for an English vocab quiz the next day. It worked magically and I'm confident that they probably have an app now as well!
  6. Quizlet is GREAT for beginning with Spanish and memorizing vocabulary. It won't help you as you dive into grammatical concepts, but it can definitely be used with great results to learn vocab throughout your journey to fluency! Just do a quick search or two on Quizlet, most of the time there will be beginning level sets of flashcards with spanish and english on them!
  7. For me, it's hands down Catalan. I was nearly fluent in Spanish before I travelled to Barcelona, and the second I stepped into Cataluña I was utterly confused. The vocab is different, the style of speaking is different, it's just confusing but also fascinating to me.
  8. From what I've heard, Rosetta Stone is a great starting point, but otherwise that's about it. As with all languages, you can only reach a certain level before it is necessary to actually live in a place where the language is the spoken tongue. I took Spanish for 6 years and now I'm stuck at that point until I travel to Barcelona for a college semester abroad. I cannot wait.
  9. Usually it's "Que tal" or simply "Que lo que" I like the way "Que lo que" sounds and how it can be said quickly to a close friend. It's Dominican slang for basically "What's up?" and the literal translation makes me laugh every time.
  10. These words are awful, especially in Spanish considering how many true cognates there are when compared to English. A couple that I know would be fabricas (factories) and maleta (suitcase). Cognates help me out a lot, so finding false friends pretty much ruins my day haha
  11. To avoid the loss of the rhythm and the sound of the poem I usually just read as much as I can understand, then use translate for words that I don't know. I always translate individual words and then once I know the definition I'll write them down next to the foreign word. That way I can read in the other language but comprehend in English. It is interesting, and different to some extent. One poem I'd highly recommend checking out (rather it's a song) is Plástico by Rubén Blades and Willie Colón. A great song and a great poetic piece.
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