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  1. Amazon is definitely a great way to go. The biggest thing is that you advertise your book. It doesn't matter where you put your book if nobody knows about it. So it would probably be best to have a twitter/facebook and whatever other social media you can get for your book. Find ways to advertise that aren't spam. People hate spam.
  2. You can use however in the middle of a sentence; however, it doesn't look very professional. You would usually want to avoid it except in the case of wanting to really emphasize something. Even then I think that there are better ways to do it.
  3. I have a bit of a confession to make with this one. When I see the word Epic it grabs my attention. I know, it's definitely overused. I can't help it though. I really like stories that feature epic scales. I can't really think of any others that really grab my attention. I'm too used to seeing most of the words they use.
  4. I actually know quite a few people from Canada so it's interesting to hear when the two diverge. For the west coast Canadians there really isn't that much difference. You can definitely notice the difference between East Coasters though.
  5. It's mostly culturally based things that are different between UK English and US English. There's not a lot of difference structurally. Some words are spelled very slightly different. Inflection is also a bit different between the two.
  6. I definitely agree. One of the main things you learn when learning a language is that a lot of the language is based on slang. Slang comes mostly from culture. If you don't know anything about a culture then chances are the slang doesn't make any sense to you. That's why it bothers me when I'm taught to speak ridiculously formally. Nobody talks like that in reality.
  7. I guess it really depends on the learning style of the individual. I would say that for me it makes more sense to learn a language on my own. I like to learn things in my own time, so having to be dependent on other people for that doesn't work. In general I would say working on it individually makes more sense.
  8. I would agree that it depends on which language you are trying to learn. If you are looking for a language that is easier to learn then it is best to go with one that is more similar to your native language. For example, if you speak Spanish it would make sense to learn Italian or another similar romance language. The sentence structures are similar so it's easier to get into.
  9. Absolutely not easier. The main reason for me is that I grew up learning English very early and had no opportunities to learn other languages until high-school. It may have been different if I had been bilingual to start with. I find it pretty hard to pick up new languages.
  10. I think that people are different and different learning styles will not resonate the same with everyone. For some people that full immersion will work the best. For some people a combination of immersion and other ways will work best. It's really up to the individual to find what works for them. That's why I think that classes aren't necessarily the best way to learn a language.
  11. My biggest tip would be to drown yourself in the language. A lot of people talk about immersing yourself in the language, and this can be done in a variety of ways. You can watch shows that only talk in Japanese. You can listen to music that is sung in Japanese. You can try to talk to people that speak in Japanese. Do whatever you can to immerse yourself in it if you can't actually go there.
  12. I really don't care if people like or dislike the way I talk. Much like I don't care if people like or dislike me. At least for the most part. It always feels a little bit better when people like you. The way I talk is a part of who I am and I'm never going to change it for somebody else. I might change it for myself though.
  13. I think that they can absolutely be a great resource. The fact is that online ways of doing things are continually getting better and better as everyone updates to using it. Some might actually be better than trying to learn in a classroom. It really depends on how you like to learn things.
  14. I actually do use correct English when I'm talking to my friends. Unless of course I'm being silly and not doing so on purpose. There is a difference between correct English and Formal English though. I'm definitely not formal at all. In fact I think people would be shocked at a lot of the dumb things that my friends talk about.
  15. My family actually has its own language. It's pretty funny actually. It's really simple to learn and some of my family members have mastered it. As far as things like Klingon, I have been interested in it for sure, but I doubt I'll ever actually pick it up. Unless of course I can use to impress a girl
  16. Definitely start off as early as possible in my opinion. I'm not sure about teaching them three languages at once, because that sounds like it could get confusing. Two languages would make a lot of sense. Most of the bi-lingual people that I know were taught pretty much as soon as they could speak.
  17. I think it does sound pretty aggressive in comparison to a lot of languages. Most of the romance languages are a lot more soft. German has certain tones and inflections that can be grating. Even women that I've heard speak German sound coarse. That isn't to say that it can't be soft.
  18. Anything in English that has a french etymology. Those cursed words where they don't pronounce half of the letters. That was always infuriating back when I was trying to do well in Spelling Bees. I'd do fantastic for most of it but then they'd throw the curve ball.
  19. I would have to go with the standard English(British) accent. When I hear women speak with that accent it causes instant attraction. Of course that can wear off if they are annoying. Really most English accents are pretty great.
  20. The most romantic language is whatever language a beautiful woman is talking to me me in! I joke, but honestly I would have to go with English. Probably because that's the language I know the most, but I also think that it is the most varied and interesting language that I've heard. Although Chinese can be very romantic, or at least there are some songs I've heard in Mandarin that are.
  21. Obviously everyone has the same potential for learning, depending of course on their intelligence and motivation. I think what might be true is that women have a tendency towards more communication. This might make them more likely to be motivated to learn multiple languages. Motivation is the biggest determining factor in how fast somebody learns something. So in a way this would suggest that women may learn languages faster than men. There would have to be an actual study on this to see whether it is valid though.
  22. Knowing more than one language can be a sign of intelligence. It can also be a sign of growing up in a place where you need to know more than one language. I've known quite a few people that aren't that intelligent, but they know 2 languages. It's the people that know 3 or more languages that are really impressive to me.
  23. It is ridiculously hard to learn the written language of Japanese. Not only do you have to learn 2 different 'alphabets', but there is a third one that is extremely complicated with thousands of different characters. It's a very long process to learn enough so that you can read and be considered literate.
  24. I think it's pretty obvious that Google translate is no substitution for learning a language. Until translation technology develops quite a bit, this is going to continue to be true. If you've ever spent time messing with Google translate there are lots of ridiculous things that come of it that make no sense. It is a really cool tool though.
  25. I didn't start learning a second language until High-School. At least nothing that was real learning. When you grow up in a population that is one third hispanic you tend to pick up a little spanish. When I got into High-School I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn Japanese.
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