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  1. Watching films is a good way to practice your listening comprehension. Some films may require subtitles; others may not. Adapt according to the situation and you'll be fine.
  2. Mine were "dumb brother." I was talking about my older brother who commonly would do ridiculous things.
  3. A lot of English words are difficult to spell for non-native speakers (or even native speakers) because of the way they are pronounced. Sometimes the pronunciation simply doesn't match up with how it is spelled.
  4. English is not an easy language to learn despite the prevalence of English language exposure. English has so many nuances that it is difficult to speak even though it is so common to hear it.
  5. I learned a second language because it was fun. I also did it because I thought it would be useful to communicate with other people when I travel. So far, the results have been mixed on that front.
  6. For me, I would say Italian or French. They both flow really well and can be a thing of beauty if spoken properly.
  7. Sorry to hear that. I would see if there are any night courses for Spanish at your local community college. Failing that, you can always use Duolingo or some other online resources.
  8. It is fairly important to me. I'm not going to correct you if you use incorrect grammar, but I definitely will notice.
  9. Slang keeps things fun and interesting so long as it isn't overused. Some people use too much slang or use it in the wrong situation and it makes things awkward.
  10. I have thought about it but I can't really see how it would be useful to know Klingon or Dothraki. I like to learn languages so that I can communicate with other people. I just don't see that happening with those fictional languages.
  11. I'm a fast reader and I don't practice reading out loud. I definitely read slower when I'm reading out loud but I never really practice it.
  12. I started to learn a second language in the eighth grade. My middle school offered introductory Spanish and I figured it would be more fun than taking an art class.
  13. I'd like to start learning Chinese. My mother's side of the family comes from China so I would like to be able to converse with them in Mandarin.
  14. I never use "LOL." I tend to use "haha" or something like that instead. I guess it's just personal preference though.
  15. I only have experience with English and a few Romance languages, but I can say that English is different from Spanish, French, and Italian in terms of syntax. I heard somewhere that German is more similar to English in sentence structure. That makes sense because both are Germanic languages.
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