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  1. Each person have distinct ideas, but some are really not the expressive type. Some fail in creative writing because they have trouble relaying the stories in their minds to other people. I agree with you, guys. It's not about the level of creativity, but how it is written.
  2. I really do. Even in the midst of a heated conversation, I still see to it that others won't see me as shallow or even stupid, at that.
  3. When I read, which I do very often, I come across words that I don't understand. So, thanks to the mobile dictionary app, I am able to check the meaning of those words and they don't have to bother me all day until I go home.
  4. For that matter, I think I'm also talented. I picture everything I read and imagine if it's all for real. Because of this, I have problem reading horror or thrillers. I don't read such stuff because my imagination keeps me up at night.
  5. I do think they're worth reading. It's cool because you get to see what's happening in the book through those illustrations. It's just that novels are more stimulating because we need to imagine whatever's happening.
  6. I've only learned this word: alexithymia It is when you can't put your emotions into words, when you can't explain what you're feeling. So real.
  7. I want to learn Spanish since it's the language closest to ours. Many Filipino words are attributed to Spanish and I'm interested in learning about this more.
  8. My favorite is Percy Jackson. He's the Seaweed Brain, don of Poseidon (from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) No further explanations. HEHEHE
  9. I tried so hard to finish any of Shakespeare's play. Oh, I really did. But it stressed me out. I gave up even before I reached half of the book. I've read once that Shakespeare is more easily understood when his plays are, well, played. I mean presented on stage, or in theatre or something, rather than be read. I agree.
  10. Haven't tried listening to audio books and I think I won't. I doubt that I'll be able to multitask because I would definitely lose focus on what I'm listening to. Plus, I'm sure that the file is large so when I zone out, it will be hard to go back to where my mind left off.
  11. Honestly, I didn't feel good after reading it. I felt devastated> HAHAHALOL. And oh, try reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson, that's a collab from John Green and David Levithan. :')
  12. I don't believe in limiting your horizons by your age. So you can read any books you want, but this depends on your interests. If you're into YA contemporary, or Chick Literature, try reading Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor and Park, Attachments, Fangirl), David Levithan (Every Day, How They Met, etc.), John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Abundance of Katherines, etc.) and COLLEEN HOOVER (I guarantee awesomeness from this very bright author).)) But if you want adventure, you with Rick Riordan (he's all about Greek and Egyptian mythologies).
  13. I have read two of his novels. After that, I thought he was too cheesy for me. But you're right. If you're used to reading "deep or symbolic" novels, then reading his titles may just be the right break for you. Hehe.
  14. I also like to read the book first before I watch the movie. It helps me distinguish the changes they made to the original story line. I haven't watched the movie yet, but most of my friends told me that the adaptation is really good. You should definitely try reading this especially if you're into Dystopian stuff.
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