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  1. I am bored a lot and I think of it as a unique and fun way to pass the time. I also thought about travelling and seeing places. It'd be nice to not rely on hand gestures and broken sentences while you travel. Going to a place where you can actually speak the language is better because you can experience it more and there are no language barriers to stop you from meeting people and having a good time.
  2. Not really. I am not really good with kanji yet, so it is a bit hard for me. I prefer movies and tv shows, because I can get the idea of what they're talking about if a word is unfamiliar by looking at them and their gestures. It's also nice to hear how it is pronounced.
  3. That's really true, but in this area, I usually content myself with self-learning. I learn faster this way and I am more comfortable with it. I watch a lot of shows and movies to see those words come to life and I write a lot. I guess maybe it is because I have never met anyone who has the same interests as I do. I'd like to take a course, but it might mess with my studies.
  4. I guess, I will call it mission accomplished once I not only speak and think, but also dream in that language. I think that when the language is not only in your conscious mind but also in the subconscious mind, you already have reached your limit. It's like your mind has already treated it like your native language. I really dream of achieving this, but I still have a long way to go.
  5. Grammar drives me crazy. It confuses me. When I was learning Japanese, I was so confused by everything. I kept mixing my words. I couldn't remember the tenses and stuff. The formal and informal forms of words drove me nuts.
  6. I believe it is French. I like the sound of it when they say the words softly. It feels so sweet and romantic and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! My second choice would be Spanish. I feel that it is too intense and passionate to be romantic. It's more sexy than romantic. :wacky:
  7. I agree with you. We should stop having this horrible double standard. A mistake is a mistake no matter who makes it. We should not be so lenient to foreigners while we make fun of our fellowmen. Back to the topic, I have also never heard "registeration". Maybe it was just a typo or something.
  8. Yep. My family makes up words all the time. Sometimes, I even use them when I talk to other people and it confuses them. Making up words is fun, because it's like an inside joke that other people don't know about.
  9. I think everybody does that, but some people's imagination are wilder than others. When I read, I feel like I am really there amidst all the events in the story. It's really cool.
  10. I am a total Grammar Nazi, but I don't correct the person out loud. I mostly do my corrections in my head; that way I won't be offending anybody.
  11. I actually started to learn Japanese because I liked J-Pop. I would research the lyrics of the song and it had translations. It was really handy. I was able to learn the language faster.
  12. I am a fast reader. I love books so much that I don't just read them--I devour them.
  13. Yes, I do. I am very particular with grammar and spelling. I'm a very horrible Grammar Nazi, but if it was just a casual conversation, I don't mind a few mistakes here or there.
  14. Yes, English is part of our curriculum and part of our life. I live in a country where there are many foreigners and I go to a university where English is the main language used in teaching. I also have many classmates and friends who prefer speaking English than our native tongue.
  15. I became a bit familiar of the languages in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, but I did not really consider learning it. If I were to learn a fictional language, I guess it would have to be the language the minions from Despicable Me speak. I know it's more like a bunch of nonsense and random vowels and sounds, but it sounds really cute and funny.
  16. Nope. Not really. Well actually, it depends on who I am speaking to. if that person speaks to me in English, I will also speak in English and once he or she shifts to another language, I will also do the same. My native tongue is Cebuano which is a dialect in the Philippines, but a lot of my friends prefer to speak English.
  17. I would like to learn Spanish next. The reason is a bit stupid, though. You see, I was browsing through the tv channels and found a channel in spanish and the show looked so interesting, but I have no idea what it is about. I also like how they talk.
  18. I find it really annoying when people do that. I feel like I am not worth the extra effort of actually typing out the whole thing.
  19. I love watching videos with subtitles, because I love to learn new expressions that I haven't learned yet. I feel that movies and dramas have a different way of speaking than how I was taught. I also like to try ignoring the subtitles and seeing if I could understand what they were saying without it.
  20. I am confident I can. All I need is structure and a very good curriculum. I'm an absolute control freak so I think I can manage.
  21. Hi, everybody! Greetings from Potato Land! I am new here and I love to learn languages. Many years ago, I was learning Japanese and Korean, but I stopped because I was too busy with other things. I kind of forgot about it and most of the things I learned, but I want to start again and learn languages! I hope to learn so many things here. See you around! :wacky:
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