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  1. I have never bought a book or comic solely to learn a new language. I can't see how I would learn a new language by reading. Maybe if I went online to check what every word in the book meant, but that would be much too time consuming. I would much rather learn from other sources, but that is just my two cents.
  2. I am also very comfortable when learning a new language, so I can't say we are on the same page. You have to comfortable and ready if you want to learn anything. I guess as far as tips are concerned, one tip that I have is too be patient and persistent.
  3. I agree with you. Nothing beats having an actual teacher when you are trying to learn a new language. When you learn a language on your own without a teacher, you are more likely to get off track, at least I do.
  4. I have never had a language partner, but it seems like having one can help through learning a new language. Especially a virtual partner as it hard to find a person that is learning the same language as you at the same time you are.
  5. Mine language learning regimen consists of, 30 minutes of pronunciation 30 minutes of reading 30 minutes of writing All with free online language learning sources.
  6. One thing that helps me stay focused is classical music. I always have some classical music playing on YouTube whenever I am online trying to learn some Spanish. It helps me stat calm and relaxed so I can stay focused.
  7. I also think that your reading and righting skills will be improved when you are living in a place where there native language is the one that you are trying to learn. I think being surrounded by the language would help overall.
  8. I have found just searching the internet for guides and tutorials to be the best way for me to learn a language. I tend to get tired and bored of language programs, so I use the internet keeps things fresh and new.
  9. I have never tried the For Dummies language books, but I have tried some for learning the guitar. I can say that the For Dummies books are very well written and seem to explain things in an amazingly efficient manner.
  10. I have never been called out on my accent to be quite honest. I assume people would think that I have the standard American accent, if that's even what it's called.
  11. It is definitely possible for you to learn how to roll your R's, it is just going to take some time and practice for you to get it right. I had a bit of trouble at first as well. Just be persistent and patient.
  12. I haven't seen anyone post in Spanish. This is how you say "I am yours" in spanish. Soy tuyo. It sounds very romantic doesn't it? Probably one of the best languages to say "I am yours".
  13. The one thing that drove me to learn a language was so I could speak to my grandfather. My grandfather doesn't know but a few words of English, so I have never really been able to have a conversation with him. Slowly but surely we are talking more and more everyday that passes.
  14. The most effective way that I have found to learn a new language is by teaching myself at my own pace. I took classe in high school and I always felt rushed. One day we are learning one thing and the next day we are learning a whole new topic. That is no way to learn a language fluently.
  15. A way to estimate how much a language teacher should be paid is by there experience and there ability I teach. There is no use in paying a teacher loads of money per hour if he or she can't cover enough material to justify there high hourly rate.
  16. I only use book's that are in the language I am trying to learn to help me pronounce words. While I have no idea what the words I am reading mean, I do however get some good practice pronouncing them. I can't just learn a new language by reading a book, there is no one for me to understand what I am reading unless I look up every word online which will be very time consuming.
  17. I love tongue twisters. They are so fun. I have a Spanish tongue twister that I would like to share with you guys. Tengo un tio cajonero que hace cajas y calajas y cajitas y cajones. Y al tirar de los cordones salen cajas y calajas y cajitas y cajones.
  18. I remember trying to learn Klingon with a couple of my buddies back when I was in junior high school. We didn't really get that far but it was cool knowing that people didn't understand what we were saying to each other.
  19. I have also been trying to teach my self a language at home. I took Spanish back when I was in high school, but I felt I was being rushed. I have been slowly teaching myself Spanish over the years and I have had much more success teaching myself.
  20. That's interesting. I have never dreamed in another language before as I only speak English fluently. I think it would be pretty cool to hear myself speak another language in a dream. I do remember having a dream though where I couldn't speak English, it was so strange.
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