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  1. My favorite movie quote? Hm, I think it'd be, "if I die, I still want to be me." from the hunger games. I don't know why but that just shows a lot of strengthen in the character to me.
  2. I try to convince myself that studying is the only thing that matters. Once I complete the rest of school, none of this stuff will really matter. I feel you, it is so hard to study when your stress but sometimes you just have to tell yourself to do it.
  3. This may seem dumb and it's a first grade word but I always forget how to spell sandwich. Usually, it is the totally "easy" words that I forget how to spell.
  4. Wow, now they are just adding really dumb words to the dictionary to raise a generation full of idiots. Are you kidding me? Hashtag? Ugh, what is this world coming into?
  5. Heck no. English is a really hard language to really learn. There are so many rules and exceptions...honestly, it is confusing. To learn the basics or to get "average" at English is easy. To get good at English takes a lot of skill.
  6. Yes, very difficult. I have been taking French for a while. After taking French I am good at grammar and vocabulary. However, after two years of taking French I still sound very American and have trouble pronouncing things in French.
  7. I use to have this app and I am a native English speaker and I could barley get past the 1st round. I just didn't see similarities. But I do agree, it will help strengthen English vocabulary.
  8. No. Use something else because Google translate messes up. Sometimes, grammar matters in language because it changes the meaning and word choices. I used google translate for a French project and failed because google translator is not good for forming sentence...it's okay if you want to know what a single word is though.
  9. Dulingo is really good. Personally, I hated Rosetta Stone.. it wasn't a good way to learn a language. Dulingo is a lot better and is actually pretty fun.
  10. It isn't true for me. In math I retain 70% or more of what I learned.Also, I learned Albanian 4-5 years ago and I remember a lot of what I learned. Anyways, since you already learn it...it will be easy to bring back. All you have to do is review old notes or maybe get an app (like dulingo) and refresh your memory on it from their.
  11. That was really easy; I got a 10 out of 10 but that's because I am native English speaker. Maybe you should make a English Grammar Test. Even native English speakers/writers have trouble learning it with all the grammar rules.
  12. I am not trying to sound mean or prejudice but I absolute hate accents other than "Michiganders" accent. I find it so annoying because I am not able to catch what they are saying. Other than that, I cringe when I hear people saying things different from me. I'm a little OCD about accents and how people say things.
  13. Yes. Currently, I am trying to teach myself sign language. Also, I think I am going to join a sign language club in fall. Can't wait. I think it's sad so many people don't think about learning the language for the deaf.
  14. I don't think watching movies helps me learn a language. It helps makes it stronger but not make it better. When I first started learning French I watched a lot of movies in French with English subtitles...it didn't help. But now that I can pick up 70% of what someone is saying and know the basic.. it helps me remember and i can draw a conclusion based on what they say. but it definitely isn't a good way to learn a new language.
  15. No, nobody I know is a native French speaker or even fluent in French. However, I do know people who speaks American sign language but they aren't really my friend.
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