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  1. My favorite would be, well it's not a classic but I'm pretty sure it will be someday, it's a quote from the Joker from the The Dark Knight (2008) "If you're good at something never do it for free" I've lived by that quote ever since I first watched the movie.
  2. I don't really like songs that I don't understand. But I do love listening to some Korean and Japanese pop songs. Oh and there was this one Japanese Metal song that I really like, I don't know the title but it's an opening song for an anime that I really love.
  3. Wow that must've been really hard for you then, but it's just weird that you're more familiar with your second language that your first, or wait, was English your first language or Japanese? I never had the same experience but I usually cuss in other language instead of English so I guess that counts in a way.
  4. No not really. I mean some of it are recognizable but when it comes to other countries or region one thing can mean another but the whole idea is universal.
  5. Yes I did. When I went to Rome for a vacation I never really had any formal training or lessons when it comes to Italian and most of the time when I check out from the hotel I'm staying people would always give that look when they don't understand what you're saying because your pronouncing it wrong. It's not much that I got into trouble but it was really annoying and embarrassing at the same time.
  6. Was it quite a mouthful for you? LOL But yeah, just imagine if teachers taught kids more complex sentences when they we're younger and not start out with basic ones.
  7. I've had problems with my T sounds. I can't really make it roll out as smooth as possible, for example if I were to say the word "literally" or "together" I'm having trouble with the T sound. But my main way of coping up with this is I just substitute other words or just speak the words slowly and more carefully.
  8. Well that's a main problem really. You really have to practice that's all there is to it. But it's really weird because by now you should've been all over the it since you've been living there for a long time.
  9. I have used Duolingo before and I have to say among all the free language teaching apps out there, it's one of the best if not the best. But the thing that bugs me with it is that it only helps you get started with the language and after a certain extent you have to go study the advance lesson yourself.
  10. Yeah for the start up you need it, but sometimes it also requires me to connect to the internet. But I think it would be great if they release a stand alone app already preloaded with all the lessons. It would make the app size a bit larger but at least you don't have to use data.
  11. The Japanese tongue is really hard to train when it comes to the accent especially when you're not born in an English speaking country and your taught Japanese as your first language. But there are a lot of videos you can find online that teaches a few exercise on how to get your tongue warmed up for certain accents.
  12. Wow, I can't remember mine. I think it was "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"? Oh wait that's in typing class. Oh yeah I got it, I remember it was "My name is (followed by your name)" and then we would state the name of our parents and siblings.
  13. If I we're taught a second language as a child I would be so happy. Learning language as a child is the best way since it's going to be fresh off of your mind and it's going to have to be easier for you in the long run when you try to study that language again when you're an adult.
  14. Not really an interest more of necessity. I went to France last year and I have to idea about the language, I don't even know a single French word so I was determined to learn the language and not make a fool of myself when I come back to France next year. I also made a lot of French friends on my visit and I would really want to talk to them in their native tongue.
  15. It depends on the movie really. But it really helps a lot when it comes to learning new language, I tend to watch French films all the time just to properly study the accent and the way they speak in overall since they are actors you're bound to have a perfect (or not) reference for the language.
  16. It depends a lot on the person's personal preference but I think the best motivator to learn any language is the fact that you can basically use it for your own benefit someday. Now if you're teaching language in a school where nobody willingly enrolled in your class to study language and it's just mandatory for them, it's hard to motivate them to start learning since it's not their will. But if you willingly study a language then the motivation comes naturally. You can also reason out the learning new languages is a real plus factor specially when you're traveling a lot or if you're plannin
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