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  1. I swear in English and Spanish. If I knew any other languages, I'd swear in them, too. LOL. Swearing is fun and funny, but then again, I'm like a giant kid and can sometimes joke around more than my kids! I don't find it at all offensive, as long as you don't actually use the word AT someone or use it to insult anyone in any way. In that case, I don't agree with it. But as a way to add a little spice into a conversation? Swearing is awesome. LOL.
  2. It sounds interesting, but I need something more in-depth than just cramming a lot of vocabulary words into my brain. LOL. I've tried Duolingo and liked it until I got further into the lessons. When I reached intermediate level, it was just too hard to continue. So now I'm on the hunt for something with more explanation. I need the whys of the lessons and not just "Say this word and this word." or "What does this word mean?"
  3. I think a combination of books and apps is the best option. The textbooks can be used for a majority of the learning and then you can use the apps to supplement or improve upon what you've already learned. When I first delved into learning a new language, I used an app exclusively. At first, during the beginning lessons, I did great and I was learning at a fast pace. But as I moved further into the program, it got harder and harder until I had no idea what I was doing or why. I had no clue whether to put a noun before a verb or why, all of the grammatical aspects were lost on me. So I would definitely vote for a mix of the two, because an app just isn't going to teach you everything you need to know.
  4. I'm a reader and I also need graphics and photos. I have to be able to SEE what I'm learning as well as read about it so that I can connect the two and create a stronger bond in my mind. If I don't have photos or some kind of visual, I most likely won't be able to remember. I'm not audio at all. I can hear something and forget about it in less than 5 minutes. LOL. I'm usually horrible when people tell me their names, but if I make a point to remember their face as well, I'll usually do better at remembering who they are.
  5. My vote is for Arabic, I knew what I would vote for before I even came in here. LOL. It is absolutely beautiful. So elegant and precise and regal-looking. I would love to learn it one day and be able to write fluently. Although I don't think my Arabic would look as good as it's supposed to because I have sloppy handwriting. LOL. Just beautiful.
  6. I like Duolingo because it's more fun than the other language learning apps and in some ways, it feels more complete and immersive. I don't use it as much as I used to, though, because when you start reaching the intermediate levels, the lessons get harder and there are hardly any explanations to the grammar and why you're saying what you're saying. Even perusing the forums doesn't help in most cases and that is pretty discouraging. So I'm on the market for an app that better explains things so I can understand the whys of what I'm learning.
  7. Hello, everyone! I'm new to the forums and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tiffani and I'm in the southern state of Oklahoma. Currently, I'm working on my Spanish. I was trying to learn French, but I won't lie. It was tough and I gave up. Hopefully I'll have more luck with Spanish since I'm more familiar with it and hear it more frequently than I do French. Anyway, I look forward to learning and chatting with you all!
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