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  1. When I have children I hope they learn several languages. My boyfriend has a cousin who knew 8 languages by the age of 10. They started her off listening to tapes as a baby. As she got older they let her use a computer program. I've always thought it would be a valuable skill for my kid to have.
  2. I've been interested in learning American Sign Language. I don't know why, but before this thread I didn't realize it varied by language. Thank you for sharing that fact, now im curious. I've learned the alphabet and one or two words. I hope to learn more soon. The town I live in actually has a school for the deaf. I know it would be beneficial in the area I live it.
  3. I've always seemed to know cuss words in other languages. I'm not sure why its easier to remember them. Maybe its because they are "forbidden". They always say if you aren't allowed to do something you want to do it more.
  4. This is more of a riddle than a joke. What starts with "E" and ends with "E", but only holds one letter?,Think about it for a second. I first saw it on a picture meme.
  5. Nice to meet you! Your English is good,and it's easy to tell your well practiced. I'm Bree, and English is my native tongue. I bet Hungarian is a beautiful langue. Welcome!
  6. "I knew better" means you were aware, and you engaged in(or did) something you shouldn't anyways. If you "know better" you don't do it to began with. "Did you go to the store?", is a question. Awnsering,"I did" means yes, and "I didn't" means no. I hope this helps. It seems complicated, but it helps me.
  7. I would say I use a mixture of both. Sometimes I write full sentences and other times I use "shortcuts" or "text slang". I am definitely a fan of emojis and they make their way into my texts quiet frequently. I try to use proper grammar as a common courtesy for "texters" I know that prefer it.
  8. I agree! I think kids should have to learn formal language. These words not being included in my idea of formal. They should have to "earn the slang" like the rest or us. The same goes for "earning swear words". It's like a right of passage. When you are allowed to use them you out them in the cabinet and store them for the right time.
  9. I've always had a little trouble with Wednesday. I try to remember the spelling different ways, but my letters still find their way in the wrong spot. I'm so thankful for autocorrect.
  10. I have always thought catsup was a term used by elderly people. Here in the United States most people call it ketchup. I have seen it used on television in some movies. We never learned catsup as a word in school. In my personal opinion I would not include it in my vocabulary.
  11. There are always exceptions to every stereotype. I myself fall in with those who don't fluently speak more than one language. I do however aspire to learn. I think English is such a well known language that we expect others to be able to communicate with us. Unfortunately, this is unfair for those with alternative tongues.
  12. Hey everyone! My name is Bree. My native tongue is English! I know a small amount of Spanish and I know the alphabet in sign language. I'm hoping to get better at Spanish here. I might even find another language interest. Nice to meet you all!
  13. I found pronunciation of some words rather difficult. Sometimes the grammar or the way the words were arranged different was confusing. I had an easier time with learning numbers and colors than anything else.
  14. I think they should recover lost languages. It would beautiful to know the lost words of our ancestors. There are many languages on the verge of being my lost. In my area the Native American cultures are fighting hard to teach their heir's their native tongue. I've never came across a language that wasn't interesting to hear, and the lost ones would be no different.
  15. I've found myself asking those same questions. I may be a little more lazy than some people. I've always thought to go towards the easiest language opposed to a language of a culture I love. Now that I've read your thread I think I will follow your suggestion. If I fall in love with a culture I can reward myself for learning their language by visiting, and speaking to people in their native tongue!
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