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  1. Hola Wanda, I just took a look at your site and it's very good. I am not one to throw kudos around but, I must say, I enjoyed playing around with the exercises. Should you ever need any extra assistance with "anything Spanish", please, do not hesitate and send me a note. I will gladly help you.
  2. A little while back, I made my on-line “Spanish Pronunciation Workshop” available for free to all members of this forum. I decided to do it again. So, here it is...! I have also developed a “SER & ESTAR Workshop” but I would REALLY like some feedback on the Pronunciation Workshop. The "SER and ESTAR" workshop is fully developed but is not free. Check it out, if you wish. So, por favor, if you have a little free time, click on the link below, complete the course, leave your comments (for other participants to see) OR send me your feedback (bueno o malo) to: [email protected]
  3. Finalmente... mi taller sobre cómo usar SER y ESTAR está listo y publicado. Por el momento es gratuito. Si alguno de ustedes estuviese interesado, complétenlo y, por favor, déjenme un comentario. Espero que sea beneficioso. Finally, my SER and ESTAR workshop is done and published. For the time being, it is free. If any of you is interested, you may complete it and, please, leave me a comment. I hope it is beneficial. gospanishgo.thinkific.com
  4. Encontré este archivo dentro de una de mis carpetas viejas y decidí compartirlo con ustedes. Quizás no funcione para todos pero... Pueden usarlo como "wall paper" en sus escritorios de Windows y, al mismo tiempo, practicar conceptos importantes en español. Espero que les sea de utilidad. Por favor, si tienen alguna pregunta o comentario, háganmelo saber. CésarT.
  5. Nice project...! Here's my contribution: 1. Soy... [profession] We must always use "soy" when you tell someone what your profession / occupation is. I am... [profession] 2. Vivo en... [city/country where you live] First person / present of the verb "vivir" = "to live" I live in... [city] 3. Trabajo en [place where you work] First person / present of the verb "trabajar" = "to work" I work in [city or place where you work] 4. Tengo XX años. To state your age, you must use the verb "tener" = "to have". In other words, in Spanish a person "has
  6. A translation like this one may vary from country to country or, even, from person to person. There is not a wrong one or correct one: 1. accidente automovilístico (the way "I would say it") Los accidentes automovilísticos están aumentando en la ciudad. (Car accidents are increasing in the city) 2. accidente de auto Jorge tuvo un accidente de auto el mes pasado. (Jorge had a car accident last month)
  7. I will try not to repeat stuff that has been said here before. Question: Is it OK to use automatic translators such as Google or the one built into Facebook? Answer: We must consider a couple of factors to give an intelligent answer: (1) The degree of complexity of the text you wish to translate: If you want something like "Hello, my name is Cesar", there should not be a problem letting these processes take care of the translation for you. If, however, your text is along the lines of "I wish you would have told me that before, I could have had the total re-calculated"... hmm...
  8. Thanks Darkchild, It's a pleasure for me to help anyone who wants a little extra guidance...!
  9. Hola a todos...! I found this forum and I just couldn't pass a chance to become a member. I am not a student per se, I am actually a professional instructor and I know that I will find many students who may need help or assistance with their Spanish. I promise that I will not fill my posts with ads about how great I am as an instructor...! If you have any questions or doubts about Spanish, please, do not hesitate to contact me. Esto es todo por ahora, CésarT.
  10. As you may have read in my profile, I love to help people to learn and/or improve their Spanish. This is my mother tongue and I teach it for a living...! I have designed and uploaded a Spanish Pronunciation Workshop to Thinkific (a Canadian organization for on-line courses). No bells, no whistles, just good, solid content on what Spanish pronunciation is all about. Excellent for beginners or advanced students. Click on the link and check it out and, por supuesto, let me know what you think: http://gospanishgo.thinkific.com SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: The first 50 students to s
  11. You must be careful with any sort of automatic machine translation. All this automated 'translators' do the best they can but, even their best can get you in a lot of trouble...! If it is within the pages of Facebook... I don't think you are in terrible danger but... if you are dealing with work-related text, I would, definitely, not rely on these translators.
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