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  1. @abonnen I feel you, but you could always try to get used to talking to yourself to make it easier for you to learn, you don't really need a certain schedule for it, just be creative.
  2. I don't really consider it necessary since I could look up any word with my phone which is way better than carrying a book everywhere, for real.
  3. I will recommend you to learn how to think in the language you're trying to learn, I'm pretty sure thatwill bump you up really quick.
  4. I really wouldn't consider learning a language as something you would study because studying means boring, annoying and whatnot, for real, you should call it somehow else
  5. I don't think so, it also depends on your mother language, indeed.
  6. Welcome aboard! Have a good time and enjoy!
  7. Hey there! IT's good to have you around! Have agreat time and enjoy your stay here!
  8. I'd pick out French, Mandarin, English and Spanish as the most important ones, for real.
  9. @Lingvo that's why people have to start learning languages since they're young or kids, otherwise it's going to get really hard for them to learn and such thing, for real. Time is a thing for most people nowadays.
  10. I think that movies are the ones that have the biggest influence on me when it comes to language learning andthat sort of thing, that's how I learn the common slang and also some phrases as well. Music is quite good as well, but it's not as effective as movies, that's just my opinion though.
  11. I believe you. By the way, are you from Mexico? or where are you from exactly? I'm looking to get along with other Hispanic people interested on languages learning, hit me up soon.
  12. Despite English is not your mother language, you really know your way around with it, for real. It's such a good thing to see that there are many people from all around the world who have managed to dominate the language, it's really cool, indeed. Hopefully you can learn a lot here, we're all friendly so dont you even think about it twice before asking anything. Welcome again.
  13. It really becomes a problem when you don't have enough time to invest on practicing and learning, it's really bad, for real. As long as I know, if you really want something you will just go for it no matter what, that's why you have to ask yourself if you really want it and how badly you want it in order to increase or probably decrease your motivation. Good luck.
  14. Hey there! Welcome aboard! Hopefully you can spend a good time here and learn a lot about your favorite languages. Enjoy your stay
  15. I don't live in a country where people speak the language I'm trying to master, but I've managed to practice with myself so I can develop an accent and sound as natural as possible. Many people have asked me if I'm from the US, some other people think I'm from China, but it doesn't really affect me in any ways, even when I've worked really hard to get my own accent.
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