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Lets speak Zulu or Xhosa


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It's interesting because I'm in Istanbul for a few days. There is a South African gentleman (actually he's from Lesotho, which is a landlocked country inside South Africa) who speaks Sesotho, a language related to Xhosa and Zulu and they use exotic click sounds too (although not as many as in Xhosa and Zulu).

I believe I posted a clip a while back of Miriam Makeba singing in her native Xhosa langauge. It sounds incredibly beautiful and exotic.

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Well, if anyone is interested, here are a set of resources for learning Zulu...

(I will be interested, at some point...)







Sorry about dragging up an old thread, but I felt the need for our fellow Zulus  :tongue:

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Sawubona! great to see this here and I think I might have to refresh my memory because I have forgotten so much. I know what comes next but to spell it is another story altogether. Xhosa I would never learn because it sounds difficult and I grew up with Zulus so it is familiar.

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I would love to learn Zulu or Xhosa. I like a lot of South African music and it's all in Zulu or Xhosa. I would like to have a better understanding of what I am listening to so that it can all make sense to me.

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