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Word of the year 1995-2012 in German (Germany)


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I would like to share with you the most popular words in German (Germany) starting at year 1995 up to 2012:

This is the official list as stated on duden.de

1995 Multimedia

1996 Sparpaket

1997 Reform-Stau

1998 Rot-Grün

1999 Millenium

2000 Schwarzgeldaffäre

2001 Der 11. September

2002 Teuro

2003 Das alte Europa

2004 Hartz IV

2005 Bundeskanzlerin

2006 Fanmeile

2007 Klimakatastrophe

2008 Finanzkrise

2009 Abwrackprämie

2010 Wutbürger

2011 Stresstest

2012 Rettungsroutine

The word of the year for 2013 has yet to be published  :grin:  Any speculations??? :=)

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Why did you think that? Was there something I missed?

Its one of the more common German words in English, what with  there being no direct word for it in the language.

Also, it's getting used more and more in the world, for the past 3-4 years. I've seen people use it here in India quite frequently.

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