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Easy French Word Game


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Here's an easy French word game we can all play in order to practice our vocabulary...

What to do: Give a word or word combo that starts with the last letter of the previous posters word. The first letter of the word you give must match the last letter of the word given by the previous poster. Here's an example...

1st poster: aimer (to love)

2nd poster: raison d'etre (reason for existing or living)

3rd poster: épreuve (test, ordeal, hardship)

4th poster: eau (water)

Don't forget to add the definition of your word.

If you want to practice your vocabulary more, you can respond to your own word several times.

For example you can write: possible (possible), enfant (child), trou (hole, pit). The next poster will then start with the last letter of the last French word you posted, in this case it would be "u".

So, I'll start the game with the word:

Bouche (mouth)

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nager (to swim)

Well crap, most verbs end on '-ER' so wouldn't it be better if we'd just use substantives (nouns)?

Let's try.

(le) renfort (help, reinforcement)

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