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To, Too and Two


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What's the difference between to, too and two?

The difference between to, too and two has got to be one of the most problematic areas of English grammar. Even native English speakers often use the incorrect form when they're writing.

So, let me explain the difference between the three.


Use this when using to as a preposition before a noun OR a verb in its infinitive.

Take me to the doctor, please.

We don't need to read the book, right now.


Use this when you can replace too with also or as well and the sentence still makes sense.

I too, like to read sports magazines.

You also use too when you mean something is excessive.

I ate way too much food.


This is the easiest one to understand. You use two when you are referring to the number 2.

Can you give me two (2) dollars, please?

There, I hope that helps you understand the difference between to, too, and two!

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This is a great little grammatical rule that everyone should know! I remember when I was younger I had a little bit of a problem understanding where "too" should be used. I imagine that these similar words can be very difficult for an English language learner to master. I'm embarrassed when I'm texting or writing with native English speakers and they don't use the correct "to/too/two".

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I honestly don't have much of a problem with this most of the time. What I do have a problem with is actually "lose" and "loose". Even when someone corrects me every time I make this mistake, I still make the same mistake the next time.

I can never really get that instilled in my head. Hopefully I get used to using those words in its correct sense.

Nice thread.

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To is a preposition and is used to link the noun, pronouns or phrases to other words in the sentence. Too is an adverb which means that something is in a higher quantity then the desirable amount. Two is the number two an integer which is used to denote a specific quantity.

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These words happen to be quite simple if you can recall their meanings.

To-  used to express motion or indicate direction.

Too- used to indicate an addition.

Two-a number

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Interesting, that one was really easy for me to learn, I think.

I remember we had one of those fully sentences for studying English with it though, may be that's why I ended up learning it so easy. It was one of those sentences in which everything sounds the same if you say it fast...something like:

Two(2) teas for 222. (someone ordering room service in a hotel room 222)

In any case, if you say 222 as two-two-two the whole sentence is very funny:).

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Nice explanation you have here! I've never had any problem using the three words correctly, though. I believe I've always known their uses and meaning.

Generally, I don't have any problem related to mixing words together. However, that's not to say I am 100% efficient when it comes to using the English language.

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you are going TO somewhere.

you need TO eat dinner.

you need TO drink water.

too. (also) (as well)

i love you TOO.

i am hungry TOO.

i am TOO tired to move.

two. (number 2)

there are TWO apples on the counter.

i own TWO cats

are there TWO or three bananas on the table?

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