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Have you ever tried to learn a Conlang? (Ancient Post)

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So there are a couple of well developed fictional languages out there, I think the two most famous ones would be Klingon from Star Trek and the Elvish langue from Lord of the Rings. I'm personally quite a big Star Trek fan and a keen linguist so I tried my hand at Klingon but I found it rather difficult to learn. Marc Orkrand the man that created the language specifically said that he wanted to create a unique language so he took the most difficult rules from all kinds of languages and mashed them together. The language is definitely speakable, I know a lady that likes to translate poems into Klingon, but for me it's more of a hobby or novelty rather than anything serious.

Did anyone else here every try their hand at fictional languages? If so, how did it go?

No Ihave never ever thought of learning a fictional language, first of all, I never knew that there were some fictional languages out there, this has come to me as news, but it is a good thing ,am now awre of it.

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Did anyone else here every try their hand at fictional languages? If so, how did it go?

I've never tried to learn a fictional language that someone else developed, *but* I did try to create a language with some friends when I was a teen.  I wish we had stayed with it longer than we did... it was very interesting, kept our minds sharp, and so much fun to speak in a language no one else could understand.

There was so much potential if we'd kept at it!

Now that I'm thinking about this again, I think I'm going to suggest trying it to my daughter.  She's very much a "word person" and loves languages, too, and I think she'd enjoy giving it a try.

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      Various languages have been artificially created, such as Esperanto or Klingon.  Some of these (Esperanto, Bolak, etc.) have been academic attempts to create an universal language.  Others (Klingon, Vulcan, Lapine, Nadsat) have been constructed to use in fiction. Have any of you ever studied any of these? Elvish (to go with Tolkien) seems to be particularly popular.  I suppose Elvish poetry could be fun, I'll have to see if my feeble old mind can handle it. Seems to me that a serious linguist would have fun with some of these.
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