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Songs in Portuguese


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What are some cool Portuguese songs you know? Share with us!

I'll start with two well-known Brazilian songs:

Cotidiano N°2 - Toquinho and Vinícius de Moraes

Águas de Março - Elis Regina and Tom Jobim

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Chico Buarque is an incredible composer. When the military dictatorship was happening, his lyrics were full of "double entendre" to fool the censorship, especially in Construção. It is in my top 3 albums of Brazilian music, along with Tropicália (1968) and Cabeça Dinossauro (1986) (Ok, I know that Cabeça Dinossauro isn't as brilliant as much others brazilian albums, but It's great!).

From Construção, I really like the music with the same name, It's my favorite by far:

And heres AA UU, from Cabeça Dinossauro:

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It depends on what kind of music you're into...

But I see you guys want the classics... So I'll share:


Rui Veloso - Não me mintas


Jorge Ben Jor - Fio maravilha

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On 15/8/2014 at 3:02 PM, RicardoRodrigues said:

As a Portuguese person I can only name a few artists I love:




Rui Veloso.

Pedro Abrunhosa.


Amor Eletro.


RicardoRodrigues mentioned Amor Electro. I love this song by them:


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