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Good online lessons to improve my fluency in French?


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If you want to be able to speak a language, it only makes sense to practice speaking one. It is fine learning the fundamentals of a language such as basic grammar sentence structures and vocabulary, but reading textbooks or other forms of free materials aren't as effective as the real thing.

Last week I took a lesson on www.convoconnect.com. It is a website which connect you with teachers from around the world who offer all kinds of lesson offerings for you to chose from all at different prices. You can check out different teacher profiles, see their experience and qualifications, and view their electronic calendars in real-time to see what availability they have. Once you have chosen a teacher you just top up your account and use credits to purchase the lesson. the lessons then take place online, on Skype.  :grin:

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I Personally learned a lot just by watching videos online. There are lots of people staging conversations in french and even acting them out for better understanding, and I think that helps a lot as it did help me out significantly. The only real obstacle is practicing regularly but as far as retaining the learned phrases and words, I found those videos to be very helpful.

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Try Duolingo, that web site is wonderful, it's currently in its BETA phase, so it might not stay free!  So you better hurry before they start charging for their amazing courses!  You will not regret to give them a try... they have such a nice and intuitive way to teach.

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Lessons are good, but I believe that the best way to improve not only your fluency but also your accent is to have a French-speaking friend you can have conversations with. It helps a lot to actually have someone to listen to your pronunciation and help you improve it.

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Well, I'd be happy to help you and/or give you some private lessons in french if you really want to learn. You can send me a private message or something to let me know if you are interrested.

My first language is french, so I am more than fluant in it, and I love to see people that want to learn it. People will go towards other, more easy language, generally, so I am glad to see at least SOMEONE in thi planet cares about french.

I'd love to give you lessons, tips and tricks, and maybe even help you practice speaking via skype or something like that if you'd like. Of course, if anyone else is interrested, the offers stands. I am guessing there'd also be a possibility if giving written/read lessons on here, in this subforum, which would be a good start. It's only the listening and talking part that could not be done here, unless I am mistaken.

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Duolingo is awesome, just started using it but hoping they don't plan on charging any time soon. I think regardless of any program you choose, it is wise to have a native help you with the pronunciations as that is my biggest problem yet.

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The internet has revolutionized language learning; almost all language could now be learned through different websites. As for a high-profile and influential language like French, searching in Google gives you almost endless choices.

As for me, I mainly use three websites to brush-up on my French: a) french.about.com - for lessons about almost everything about French; B) wordreference - a very good lexicon, to help you in using proper choice of words; and c) memrise.com - to help me improve my vocabulary.

Hope this helps! It might work for you too!

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I am always down for Skyping in French as I have a tendency to not really use French as everyone where I live speaks English. I can't teach, but I can have conversations, which is probably just as good anyways. 

As for an ''easy way'' to learn; if you have learned a language before I can tell you a very quick way to get yourself forming (simple) sentences in French quickly, but you have to be willing to put in the effort. Get yourself a lot of paper, and head on over to the vast expanse that is the internet. I will give you a very quick brief thing here, but you will have to search for more after this.

A few, quick simple words:

Hello - Bonjour!/Salut! Bye - Au revoir!/À toute a l'heure!   How are you - Comment allez-vous?/Ça va? 

I am good - Je vais bien.    Thank you - Merci.  Please - S'il vous plait.   You're welcome - De rien.

Now, very quickly, you will need to know pronouns. I will tell you them.

I - Je. You - Tu. He/She - il/elle. We - Nous. You (plural/polite) - Vous. They - ils/elles.

Here are verbs that are essential, look them up. Learn to conjugate these ones first. As a general rule, the most commonly used verbs in any language typically happen to be the most irregular.

Avoir - To have. Être - To be. Vouloir - To want. Pouvoir - To be able to. Devoir - To need to. Parler - To speak. Penser - To think. Écouter - to listen. Voir - To see. Régarder - To watch. Donner - To give. Aller - To go. Finir - To finish. Visiter - To visit. Venir - To come. Devenir - To become. Dire - to say. Lire - to read.

If you really put in the time to do the past/present/future verb charts of Aller, Avoir, Être, Aller, Vouloir, Devoir, and Pouvoir, you are going to have the keys to do quite a bit of speaking in French. Really get those ones in there. Everything else, for the most part, is based on that. This will be your very very very basic, but very solid foundation. You won't fully know the language, but knowing these through and through will really, truly help a lot. And yes, charts are ridiculously annoying, but it is the fastest way to visually see how everything breaks down. After that, start watching and listening. Listen for those words as you keep drilling them insanely into your head. I hate drills, but trust me on this. The faster you get these verbs in your head, the faster you can begin creating your own sentences vs. just spewing memorized sentences into the air. 

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