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Is it for fun or is there a reason behind it?


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Oh, if you like mangoes, you sure would love our country. Mangoes here are very sweet. My son loves them. Especially during summer as that's their season. That's too bad, on the other hand, there are some fruits that grow best in cold places, so there's that advantage. 

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Hi there!  I think I have mentioned a couple times that when I was 16 years old or so my interest to learn a new language started.  Back then I had all the time of the world, so I did that for fun!  I actually wanted to learn as many languages as possible!  The my top 10 back then were these:

1 - Norwegian

2 - Swedish

3 - Finnish

4 - Danish

5 - Old Norse

6 - Icelandic

7 - Estonian

8 - German

9 - Old English

10 - French


Now over a decade later I am learning Dutch, a language I never liked :P  Not even back when I was younger I had interest in it...  So here I am!  I'm learning it because I am going to have to take an exam in a few weeks. So basically I am doing this because I have to, not because I want to. Despite all that I must say this experience hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be :)  I haven't disliked it that much!  And i seem to have made some progress already ;)  What about you? Are you learning a new language for fun or is there any other reason? 

I wonder if you were to learn more about the culture, if you might find you enjoy learning the language a bit more. You said you're learning so that you can take an exam. I'm assuming this is for school but even so, maybe learning about the native people and culture would heighten your enthusiasm.

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I actually have a mixed feeling about my language learning.
German and Spanish are/were for fun.
Japanese is for fun too, but I also have a business reason behind it.

I'm a web developer, game developer and YouTuber, I need to know a good amount of Japanese for the latter 2, since I mainly upload gameplay of Japanese games and I will possibly get in touch with the Japanese Nintendo department at one point (at the moment I only contact the American and European departments).

And as for Spanish, I'll need it on my trip to Spain in May 2016 too.
I have been to Spain (sorry, Catalonia) last summer, I was surprised how many people didn't speak English there.
The only exceptions were a few shop clerks, 1 security woman, 1 taxi and the person who owns the apartment I have been to.
Other than that I had to communicate through Google Translate on my phone, which was quite embarrassing.

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Well I'm studying different languages for both reasons and here's why:

French- Becuase I used to study it in school and I endede up faling in love with the culture and  the language so wanted to continue studying it and also one day I'm going to live there (mostly to get out of America and cause they have amazing health care).

Japanese- As a kid I watched/read alot of anime/manga so because of this I wanted to learn the language so I could go to Japan and visit there for a couple of weeks and see the sites and explore the culture and history.

Chinese- Kinda the same reason for Japanese, for why I want to learn Chinese, but it was with old kung fu and war movies (Yes even the badly dubbed ones), that got me interested in learning Chincese (both dialects). So that way I can also go to China to their vast history, dynasties, culture and way of living.   

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I am trying my best to keep at learning French because I might use it in the future when my family and I migrate to possibly a French-speaking area, not necessarily in France. Anyway, since it is not an immediate concern, I find myself procrastinating learning the language which is really sad, I know. So I need an urgent reason to learn a language to really push me to that direction. I cannot learn a language for fun. Otherwise, I won't have the proper motivation to do it. :sad:

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I`m doing it mostly for fun. I have had the opportunity to be in touch with many languages throughout my life, so learning a new one, or even more then one, comes naturally. And as they say, the more languages you know the more accomplished person you are. Or so the saying goes. :D

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