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Synonyms of "bon/bien" and "mauvais/mal"?


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I've noticed recently that I abuse those two words far too much, sticking them in every second sentence I say.

When you are expressing an opinion about something (events, films, people etc), which equivalents of bon and mauvais could I use?

I do feel embarassed having to resort to "c'est très bien", "c'est super" or "c'est formidable" all the time whenever I like something, and I've got only "affreux", "horrible", "assez mauvais" for stuff I dislike.

Does anyone have suggestions about more similar words I could use?

Thanks in advance!


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Oh well, firstly, welcome and I would be happy to help!
If I could dress up a list, with various different meanings, to use ONLY in familiar language, it could be:
C'est cool (cool doesn't mean "cold", cool in French is used as "it's something good and in the trend")
C'est pas mal (means it's not so bad, not to use if it's better than that)
C'est sympa
C'est amusant/joli (I put this in example to incitate to use another positive and appropriate adjective, it works)
C'est bien fait (means: well made, well produced, well manufactured, etc.)
J'aime bien (I like it)

When you dislike:
C'est bof (really familiar language, means you find it not too bad, but not good)
C'est pas terrible
C'est passable (less familiar, maybe too oldish)
J'aime pas (I dislike it)
C'est pas génial (It's bad but not tooooo bad)
C'est pas super
Ça pourrait être mieux (it could have been better)

Hope it is enough and it helps!

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