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Arabic: Does anyone know where I can watch Arabic TV programs with English subtitles?


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hi, I've seen this sort of thing for other languages like Spanish where you can watch tv programs in the language with subtitles and other cool features like slowing the video down etc. I think this would be great for Arabic if anyone does it. I am looking for Arabic videos in the Sham accent (Palestine,Lebanon,Syria, Jordan). Does anyone know of any sites that do this sort of thing?

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If you're interested in news: https://arabic.rt.com/live/
It doesn't come with subtitles, but it's all in Arabic (although I don't know which variety).

Based on the specifications you mention (English subtitles, slowing down videos, enabling/disabling subtitles, etc.), you might be looking for FluentU, but this one has nothing to offer for Arabic learners.
Or you could search for some on YouTube, which offers pretty much all features you want, although whether you can enable/disable subtitles or not differs from video to video.

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