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Need to translate in Deutsch.

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Hey, anyone can help me to translate all these in Deutsch (German). Thank you.

1. On my semester break, me and brother went to the beach.
2. Pantai Merdeka is a popular tourist spot in Kedah.
3. On weekend, the place is visited by many people because it is the best place for family outing.
4. There are many things to do here, including swimming, boating to Tanjung Dawai, and so on.
5. There are also open sales outlets including restaurants, souvenirs, clothing and so on.
6. On the beach, there are two popular foods such as Mee Udang and ABC.
7. ABC(food) here is very tasty. Gunung Jerai is very popular for its food.
8. The beautiful sunset can be viewed in the evening. The highest mountain of Gunung Jerai can be seen here.
9. I came here because I want to feel the atmosphere of the beach and the food here.

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Hi there

Listen, I could easily provide the translations for those sentences, but Linguaholic is not a platform that gets all your homework done for free. So in order to get some translations for these sentences, you would need to become an active member of this community and contribute to the community as well (create posts, answer threads, share something about your native language, and so on). 

So if you want to get some answers for those sentences, get engaged in this community and I will be happy to provide them. 



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