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memorizing new words or vocabulary


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Poor cat.

Yeah, it's a pretty interesting method. I actually took a CD out of the library for my son to listen to that used this method. I played it in the car for him, and they used things like, "arroz" - picture an arrow landing in your plate of rice. I know it works, because when my son saw the word elsewhere he knew what it meant and even mentioned that specific visual he learned to help with learning it. I don't know how creative I could actually be to learn all new words this way, though.

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Thanks very much for sharing this video.  I think the tips are great and so is the presentation.  Having an animated bear and giraffe conversing is very attention getting!

Yes, these tips for memorizing words incorporate some principles of mnemonics, of using vivid imagery, connected with emotion, to forge memories that are much more indelible that they would otherwise be.  I have used some of these techniques in daily life to remember items on a lists, for instance. 

I can see how powerfully they would work with learning words in a new language.  I was doing something similar on my own when learning Spanish, but I was not nearly as focused and precise as they recommend here. 

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