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Hangul study techniques


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Dear Akya

Thank you for providing this link. However, there is already a thread about this (it was in the general language section before but I now moved it to the new study korean section). This is the link to the thread:


I will allow myself to delete this thread in a day or two.



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Has anyone here tried Live Mocha ?  Its an interactive language learning site. I am told that is similar to Rosetta stone., although that I cannot verify because I have never used Rosetta Stone. This sight is a fun easy and free way to learn Korean or many other languages . I have using it to help me improve my pronunciation ,because it says the word out loud for you.

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I think that if anyone want to learn Korean language, they should should study by watching Korean Tv shows on KBS world TV cause they have English subtitle. Moreover, watching music show or any show which your idol on it . Its really useful ways. I have been watching so many shows on TV and youtube such as Bare foot friends, We got married, ....

Hope this helps !

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There is another blog site called Lang-8 that allows you to create a blog to practice any language you're studying. It's been really helpful for me because native speakers correct your work. You can also correct work that has been written in your native tongue. It has allowed me to learn expressions that are more fluent and natural than those I would have studied out of a text book.

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