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Anyone tried using bilingual books?


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Glassbow makes bilingual editions of the classics (Pride and Prejudice, Peter Pan, The Prince, etc.), the collection of all 36 books is on sale for $9 this week, usually $29. There's new releases every other month which are included for all "collection" purchases. Of course you can get the books for free in English, but these come with a translated edition built in paragraph-by-paragraph. Not a bad deal for $9.


Sorry if this is wrong forum, I'm new. Please move if so!

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That's indeed a great idea. I can see the value in language studies. But I wish the books they publish were originally in more diverse languages. I mean, look at the selection of the titles. Most were written in English, and then translated to other languages. I would love to have e.g. Don Quixote in Spanish and English, Madame Bovary in French and English, Calvino's novels in Italian and English, etc. I recently read Le Petit Prince in French, English and Chinese (a trilingual book) and noted quite a few differences or even errors in the English and Chinese translations. It was fun.

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