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34 Feel-Good Quotes for Instant Positivity

34 Feel-Good Quotes for Instant Positivity

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Feeling a bit down? Need a dose of positivity? Look no further! This collection of 22 feel-good quotes uplifts your spirits and brightens your day. From wise words about happiness and positivity to inspiring thoughts on resilience and love, these quotes will give you a fresh perspective and a smile.

Dive into this treasure trove of encouragement and let these powerful messages remind you of the good in every day.

1. Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day. – Alice Morse Earle

2. Even in the darkest times, happiness can be found if one only remembers to turn on the light. – Albus Dumbledore

3. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love – Hubert H. Humphrey

4. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. – Unknown

5. It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. – Herman Su

6. You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way. – Dr. Seuss

7. No one is perfect – that’s why pencils have erasers. – Wolfgang Riebe

8. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. – Lyndon B. Johnson

9. Don’t give up because you had a bad day; forgive yourself and do better tomorrow. – Unknown

10. Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can. – Unknown

11. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present – Bill Keane

12. When the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly. – Unknown

13. When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills. – Chinese Proverb

14. Beauty is everywhere. You only have to look to see it. – Bob Ross

15. Say something positive, and you’ll see something positive. – Jim Thompson

16. Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you have been buried, but actually, you’ve been planted. – Unknown

17. You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. – Stephen King

18. We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. – Dolly Parton

19. Stop for a minute, breath and be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come.  – Unknown

20. Happiness is not by chance, but by choice. – Jim Rohn

21. Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you. — Walt Whitman

22. Happiness is a mood, positivity is a mindset – Unknown

23. Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. – Unknown

24. Celebrate every win, no matter how small. – Unknown

25. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like they are somebody.  – Unknown

26. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. I’ll tell you all a secret. All the best people are.

27. Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.

28. Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.

29. Embrace the glorious mess that you are. 

30. Confidence is not ‘will they like me.’ Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t.

31. Your smile is a beacon of light in the world; let it shine unapologetically.

32. Your courage to be yourself inspires others to do the same.

33. The world is better with you in it; never forget your value.

34. Live each day with an open heart, and the world will open up to you.