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Here’s How to Put Engineer-In-Training (EIT) on Your Resume

Here’s How to Put Engineer-In-Training (EIT) on Your Resume

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EIT (Engineer-In-Training), also known as EI (Engineer Intern) in some states, is a certification awarded to those who have passed their FE examination and have graduated.

They are now licensed to practice their work as an Engineer-In-Training in their state.

However, in certain cases, there are those who passed their FE exam but have not yet graduated.

Some have graduated but are still waiting to receive their certification or license number. 

If that is you, you may have some questions such as:

‘Do I include EIT on my resume?’’

‘Where do I put my EIT certification?’ 

‘What is the proper way of adding EIT based on my circumstance?’

Or maybe, you received your EIT certification and are just curious about how to include it on your resume.

Well, here are your answers!


Should you include EIT on your resume?

EIT should indeed be included on your resume. There are different ways to add it depending on the situation of your status of certification. Do not include it if you are not graduating as planned or if you are planning to work in another state (EIT from that state or a PE would be needed instead).


Where to add EIT on your resume?

EIT can be added right after your name, or in the ‘Certifications’ section if you have other certifications to list. Put it in the ‘Education’ section if you have only passed your FE exam and don’t have the EIT title. You can also put it in the ‘Awards’ section.


As mentioned before, there are different ways to list EIT on a resume depending on different cases, so let’s get into them. 


How to put EIT on a resume – the 3 best ways to list it


1. You already got your EIT certification

If you have your EIT certification, put it next to your name, in the ‘Certifications’ or in the ‘Awards’ section – make sure to include the state in which you are certified. 

If you are licensed as an EIT in your state, you can add it right after your name at the very top of your resume, without having to mention it elsewhere.

Even though it does not go in-depth like the other ways, it is a precise method of letting the recruiter know this detail about you.

Sometimes, especially when you have a crowded resume, this can be the best way to add EIT.

However, if you would like to give more details, you can also list it along with your other certifications or awards, with the state of your EIT credential and the date you received it.




John Smith
EIT, New Jersey


Jane Doe

EIT, New Mexico



  • Handle with Care Certification, Texas, 2015
  • CPR Certification, Texas, 2016
  • EIT Certification, Florida, 2020



  • National Merit Award, New York, 2018
  • Outstanding Delegate Award, Pace University, 2019
  • EIT Certification, New York, 2020


2. You are about to get your EIT certification

If you still haven’t received your EIT certification but are expecting to soon, put it in your ‘Education’ or ‘Certifications’ section as ‘pending’

To inform the hiring official that you are close to receiving EIT but still don’t have it, you can list it as pending with the state included.

Add the date if you have an accurate estimation of when you will receive it, otherwise, it is not necessary in this case.

Another way to include EIT, in this case, is by showing that you have already passed your FE exam and so it is worth mentioning the EIT credential. 

In your ‘Education’ section, you can just add ‘EIT pending’ in parenthesis or as a separate bullet point after mentioning your FE exam pass date and the location of the exam center.





  • Oracle Certified JAVA Developer (February 2018)
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (March 2019)
  • EIT Certification Pending, Washington State



Master of Engineering

University of Idaho | Moscow, Idaho, USA |Sep 2018 – Dec 2021


Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
Moscow, Idaho, USA

  • Passed April 2021 (EIT Pending)


3. You are still waiting for your EIT certification

If your EIT certification number is still getting processed, you can write it off as ‘available upon request’ or ‘pending’

What if you completed your FE exam and have already graduated but your EIT certificate is still being signed or processed?

If you think it is necessary to include your certification on your resume regardless, you may still do that.

When you assume that it may be a while until you receive the certification number, you can add ‘pending’ after mentioning EIT in the ‘Certifications’ or ‘Awards’ section on your resume.

If you believe you will receive the EIT license number soon, you can just write ‘available upon request’ in case the hiring official wants to verify it.

That way, by the time you get a callback, you will have the number ready. 





  • Engineer-In-Training, North Dakota (license number pending)



Engineer-In-Training Certification, New Jersey, 2021

  • Certification number available upon request.


When it comes to including EIT, it is better to wait until you have the certification completely. 

That way, you can also place it on your resume wherever you see fit according to the job description. 

Although sometimes, it may be important to mention your EIT certification, whatever form you have it in if it is something that is essential to the job.

In which case, follow the tips above to do it the right way!

Whether it is next to your name, in the ‘Education,’ ‘Awards,’ or the ‘Certifications’ section, be sure to include the state where you got certified. 

Keep in mind that you can only use your EIT credential in the state in which it got approved.

If you are applying to work in other states, you will need an EIT certification from each respective state or a PE license to work across all states.