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  1. Phoenix Hah, nice one. You can arrange data in it, or put your stuff on it. It's something that you'll find in most rooms of the world.
  2. As you already stated in your thread, it's known as Ma and Pita/Baap in Hindi. It's weird though. I never noticed this observation. These 2 words which are mostly the first words a child learns are so similar in nearly all languages.
  3. To be honest in my opinion there is no language that is easy to learn. All languages require hard work and patience and only then can you learn it. But that's my opinion. Though I have a friend who is learning German. He knows around 6 languages in total. With being proficient in 3 of them including German and says German was the hardest language he had to learn.
  4. Haha! Nice game. And the current one is so easy. Needle...nah joking it's Thread. This word rhymes with bed, and weed as well. It can be in a pencil, or help police with their investigation. The person who has this in a race, always wins. The person who has this in a group, has the most power.
  5. Hilarious! As for me..well I don't really remember. My parents did tell me once before but it's just slipped my mind. As far as I can remember, I think it was "ball" or something similar is what they told me.
  6. It depends on which kind of tutorial you're talking about. I think video tutorials can be really useful when learning a language and can really help you get the basics correct. However, the written tutorials, atleast in my opinion don't work as well. You really need a real teacher who can speak to you to actually be able to learn from text.
  7. I don't really think it's possible to answer this question accurately. If language is defined as a medium of communicating then I'm sure there were languages long before we learned to write and it's pretty much impossible to tell which they were. But if we're including certain criterias such as first written etc, then most people already answered it.
  8. Hahah! This and listening to songs in the language that you're learning! They're great ways to get to learn the language in an easy and fun way.
  9. In general I think slang is good for languages as a whole. Many words which people now use commonly started out as slangs and are not accepted widely. Of course though you should take care of when and where to use slang words. Depending from person to person and how much you need to respect them.
  10. I haven't tried to learn it myself, but I'm a huge fan of Doctor who and he is a Gallifreyean in the series. They have their own language which as far as I'm aware can only be written. But god, it's so beautiful. You guys should check it out, and if any of you know it, do share!
  11. From the options given, I think it would be great to either include Italian or French. I learnt French in school for a few years in middle school, but it was pretty basic and to be honest I don't even remember it much. Other than that I would love to learn a bit of Italian since I'm a huge fan of Assassin's Creed series and they all speak Italian in it so I picked up a few words from there.
  12. "Give me a hand" is pretty odd to say the least. It generally means help me or I could use your help.
  13. I started learning it at about age 3. It's taught here in nursery classes so pretty much everyone here learn it from then. It's good that we have this system here learning the global language from such a tender age.
  14. I've always given grammar quite a bit of importance since I started learning the language. It's very important to me that what I write converts easily to the spoken language and for that it's important to have good grammar. I've noticed people who don't give importance to grammar might speak the language good enough, but when it comes to writing it, it's not that good.
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