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  1. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing this story! I think you'll learn quickly and this forum is a great step in the right direction! Welcome and I hope you'll be posting on the Japanese threads soon!
  2. I live in Los Angeles and Spanish is very useful in my daily life. If I use Spanish when ordering out at restaurants I get better treatment. If I speak in English then people will think that I am stuffy and will give me less portions or my order will take longer.
  3. I know from friends that India and the Philippines speak English too. Most people learn it when they are young to get better job opportunities. Also, Switzerland as well. I know that from a lot of Xbox friends and youtubers. They all speak English and some Swedish friends of mine too.
  4. I would hit the local library. I found so many videos and audiobooks that helped me practice. The library is such a great, yet forgotten resource when it comes to learning languages. Most even have language clubs and if they don't you can join a meetup and find other people who speak Japanese too.
  5. I do not think that it is offensive to swear in another language. I think it is funny that you are trying to learn a new language and the first words that most people gravitate towards are always the naughty ones. I guess people also don't want to be taken for a fool so they want to know the bad words in case people try to talk about them behind their backs.
  6. I think of "ni" as "nor" in English. It is used a little funky in this example so I will come up with one of my own. "Jessica ni Carla tiene dinero para escuela." Jessica nor Carla have money for school.
  7. Welcome to the forum Elfprincess! I love your avatar. It's so cool and I hope you have fun learning Russian on the forum. My boyfriend's mom is Polish and i would love to learn some Polish words.
  8. I find that learning a third language is easy if you are learning romance languages like french, Italian and Spanish. I know English and Spanish and it was super easy to learn French because of Spanish. Now that I am learning Italian it is easier, but hard at the same time because my mind wants to say the words in Spanish.
  9. I think "amor" is the most beautiful sounding word in Spanish for me. I love to hear how other people say love and express their love. When I first heard it it gave me a tingly feeling in my heart and in my soul.
  10. I think of "que tal" as "what's up" and "Que pasa" more of a "what's happening?" I also think of "que onda" as "what's up" and que hubo as "what happened?" That is from a Southwestern Mexican point of view.
  11. I would be interested in joining your research project. I love doing surveys online. Is this still open? I noticed that you posted it sort of in the beginning of November and now it is almost a week later. Please reply if you are still looking for participants. Thanks!
  12. My all time favorite English movie would have to be Edward Scissorhands because it makes me feel like all outsiders should be treated with love and kindness. It makes me remember that even though I may feel weird at times, I am unique and I can find love and be amazing. The movie teaches about finding beauty in unexpected places.
  13. I think sometimes the literal translation does not make too much sense in English so they have to translate it to what it would mean to us. Do you understand? Sometimes if you translate literally then it gets lost.
  14. I am sure that you can find one on Amazon. There are some great language books on there too. I bought a few dictionaries from a local goodwill and found the rest of my language books on Amazon.
  15. Right now I am trying to teach my cousin's baby how to do baby sign language. I think it is very handy and helpful. When I was a kid we were taught the alphabet in ASL and I always thought that it was fun and very useful.
  16. I have never heard of mind maps. Thanks for the tip! This sounds like an interesting way to learn a new language. I have tried so many different techniques and some are better than others. I am always looking for new ways to help me learn French.
  17. I would get into a shop and buy a language book right away! I think that love has no boundaries and I know tons of couples who have fallen in love this way. They just felt instantly connected and they got married too!
  18. I would learn the easier of the two now and then the harder one later. You can study French later on that way you can be more confident in your pronunciation. I hope this info helps and happy learning!
  19. I sometimes find myself thinking in Spanish even though it is not my primary language. I also dram in Spanish and sometimes dream that I am fluent in Spanish even though I am not in real life. Our brains are so weird!
  20. It totally does! I can see how it reduces your risk of dementia. You are constantly learning and that makes you use up brain power and make new connections. When you learn something new it keeps your brain young. I learned that you should write your name with your dominant hand then the other hand and then write your name with both hands at once. That will also help keep dementia at bay!
  21. I have tried to learn this way, but the cards would fall down because the tape would stop sticking and then I would be left wondering what was what. I think it works for some people, but it does not work for me.
  22. Does DuoLingo teach Latin? I have that app on my cell phone and am using it for French and Spanish. I know that the BBC Languages website is a great resource for learning materials. Happy learning!
  23. The hardest language I have tried to learn was Japanese. I could not get the symbols down. I like the way it sounds, but I can not learn how to read and write it. I wish I knew an easier way. It is just not the way my mind thinks.
  24. I am a visual learner so for me, I have to write it down. The act of writing it helps me to absorb it completely. I write it, say it out loud and then remember it and recall it. I go through so much to remember things these days.
  25. I try it all with easy books. I go to the library and check out the international section for books for kids. That helps me the most because I can count on the picture books to teach me a few things here and there!
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