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  1. What a very cute gift idea! I am sure that you wouldn't be able to get "all" languages as there are some that are ancient and too hard to dig up, but the sentiment is still there. What a cute gift idea. I would water color some on a canvas and make a cute painting with the ones that you like.
  2. Wow! That is so cool that you are crowdsourcing idioms. I would never think to do that. I hope you publish your findings because that is one book that I would love to read. I love gaining insight and wisdom from idioms around the world. If you need help editing, I would do it!
  3. I love it when people recognize and acknowledge my talents. I haven't heard anyone tell me that I have a gift in a really long time. I just want someone to tell me that I am a good person. I know I am a good person, but still no one has recognized that in me. I am good at computer things and learning how to speak different languages, but no one tells me that I am good.
  4. I totally agree that Duolingo makes you write out sentences that you will never write out in your life. I wish they had some sentences that we could actually use in the future like "I am looking for a restaurant to eat at." If my language skills and verbal skills are bad, at least I can write out a note and the other person can read it and understand me.
  5. I used to learn this way when I was learning Spanish. I would watch this dating game show called Doce Corazones (12 Hearts). You can watch some of it on Youtube. It is pretty funny and it helped me pick up some words and be able to follow along when people speak quickly. I would not be able to speak as fast as I do if I just kept learning from the software I had on my computer.
  6. I wanted to learn Italian because I had a very cute Italian boyfriend. I wanted to impress his mother with some of the Italian phrases that I knew. Then I found out that he was cheating on me (or at least interested in another woman who was Japanese) so that relationship ended and then I went on to learn Spanish for my job.
  7. It is possible to learn both, but I think you will just end up getting really confused and mixing up the two languages. It depends on what type of learner you are. I tried learning French and Spanish at the same time and I would get the words so mixed up that I felt like my head was going to explode! Best of luck learning!
  8. I hate it when people put you down for wanting to learn another language. When I was just beginning to learn Spanish a lot of people would make fun of me for not saying words properly. I didn't get why they were being so rude. I thought they would be happy to know that I wanted to learn their language.
  9. I do not think that it is a cultural thing, but I think for her it is because it takes a lot of time to teach someone a new language and she might have too many things going on for her right now. She will be more helpful if you agree to pay her for her services. Maybe if you agreed to pay her by the hour.
  10. Culero is such and ugly word. So is culo. They just sound gross and guttural. I think they are so much more offensive than A-hole. Spanish slang like cono is something that you really hear and see on the east coast. You don't really hear it on the west coast. I think it is more of a Spanish and Puerto Rican thing.
  11. I forgo to mention milk! Goat's milk is the most nutritious and it will help you live longer too! Yes, nut are super good foods and foods rich in antioxidants are the best for you as well. Dark chocolate and a cup of coffee.
  12. I like DuoLingo and I have the Berlitz software that I bought at Office Depot for $10. You can also check your local library because they have tons of software, audiobooks and workbooks that will teach you how to read, write and speak for free!
  13. I always thought of Donde manda capitán, no gobierna marinero as a phrase saying that the worker is not in control because there is a captain in charge. I agree that these don't sound like profound proverbs either and sounds like just literal statements, but in Spanish they sound so much nicer.
  14. I have used Google translator in the past, but I like to translate it back and forth a few times just to make sure that I am saying the right thing. Sometimes it will translate literally and not really the way a normal person would respond. I like to use it and then search language forums to see how the locals would say it. I think that works best.
  15. I like to eat a lot of fish and nuts when I have to study. I am all about eating fish because of the omegas that it provides. I think of it as anti inflammation and some protein that will help me get through the day. The nuts give me the stamina to just focus and study without having to get up for a meal or a snack.
  16. I always try to learn languages that I like and that I know I will use. I tried learning French for years, but no one is using it with me, I don't use it for work and I have never been to France or Canada. So now I am brushing up on my Spanish because it gives me an edge at my job and people like to see it on my resume.
  17. I think if we did that there would be people having different dialects or slang terms and it would take a long time to get it all down. Just look at the new words that are in the dictionary right now. We have a lot of new tech phrases that people are trying to catch up with.
  18. This game looks really cute! Thanks for the tip. My mother in law takes care of sheep at the zoo and she will love this game. She can play it on her break time. I am going to check it out on my Android first though. Thanks for the tip!
  19. I used to find a lot in Yahoo chats, but now that is just full of spam. Tiny chat and other sites with cams seem to have a lot of Spanish speakers. You do not need to get on cam yourself. You can just join the text portion chat room on the bottom.
  20. Try reading it in English first and then go passage by passage via German and English. There are some translations online that have it side by side, but you will notice that things are translated in a way that will make sense to English readers and context is given.
  21. I have read that it is a connection that just re-instills that you partner is so much like you. This similarity creates familiarity and makes people feel secure in their relationship.
  22. I can totally relate to this being a Hopi Indian. My mother tongue is dying out and it has so many dialects that are dying out as well. I do not know how to even begin to keep them alive. I have tried to learn them, but they are hard to find online. They are not on Rosetta Stone that is for sure!
  23. I am a native English speaker and I have been mocked so many times for not being able to pronounce certain words in Spanish to my Mexican friends.
  24. Me gusta musica de Juanes y artistas como Devendra Banhart. Me gusta guitara y musica que tiene una mesaje para todo el mundo.
  25. I am interested in learning Dutch. I first got into learning Dutch when I was watching that TLC show on living in society and being Amish. I heard them speaking Pennsylvania Dutch and it made me want to learn Dutch because it sounds go cool.
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