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  1. I never thought of it that way, but you are right. You will get more dating opportunities and people will like that you can speak English. A big plus to learning a new language is finding a new life partner.
  2. The cheapest ways that I learned a new language abroad is by volunteering at a local elementary school. I was able to talk to the staff, parents and children and they were all willing to teach me new works. The kids and I had the same vocabulary level so I was able to understand them and the adults taught me more about sentence structure and complex new words. They got a volunteer who was willing to help so it was a win-win for everyone.
  3. I don't think it really does. I usually like rock and some funky indie music in English and the same goes for me when I listen to music in Spanish. I like indie music in Spanish and I also like fun rock songs I can jam to. Thanks for reminding me of some of the fun indie bands that I missed from Mexico.
  4. I like to think of it as having an edge for my resume. The more languages I have on my resume the more I have an edge over the competition. I love to be able to show off that I know how to read, write and speak other languages and it helps when I want to get a job in an international market.
  5. I think so because they are just fun and naughty words to say. We all love the forbidden so we make an effort to try to learn how to say bad words. I also was the type of person who was so paranoid that I wanted to learn all of the bad words so I could tell if people were tying to talk about me behind my back in another language.
  6. I love to say "butterfly" in French. It is "papillon" in French. I just love the way it sounds for some reason. It is very pleasant to my ears.
  7. Wow you have a pretty concise schedule. I wish I had your discipline. What program are you using for your game development job if you don't mind me asking? I am thinking of learning how to code so I can get a web development job as well. I also like how you do your fitness in the evening. I usually can't sleep if I do my fitness late at night.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I have been watching All American Girl with Margaret Cho and I have been interested in learning Korean for some time now. I am excited to read about your adventures while learning the language.
  9. I think the emphasis should be on "happened" and not "happen." I always write, "What is the worst that could happen?" or "What could have happened?" as in the past tense. I hope this helps to clarify the idea that you are trying to get out.
  10. I remember when my teachers were always on me saying that cursive is the only way that adults write and if I didn't learn it then I would never be able to get a job as an adult. They put the fear in me! Now I never use cursive and when I do my boyfriend always asks me to read it because he says that he can't understand it.
  11. I always get this confused and I am a native English speaker! Right now I get it mixed up whenever I want to write words like pierced or pieces. I do not know why! I just stumble over those words and have to use spell check after they get highlighted red underneath.
  12. I have heard of these ads too. I have heard them on Pandora. Is that where you heard them too? I am pretty sure that it is a site that you have to pay to use. i do not like to pay to use sites where there is so much free information out there like DuoLingo and the BBC Language site.
  13. I like to try to learn in the morning when things seem fresh and then I can repeat things in my head throughout the day and I find that it helps me retain more information that way. I also like to try to repeat what I learned before bed so it really sinks in. I find that I probably study 2 hours a day and I am doing well.
  14. I wish I could do this. If only I had the time to take off and the money to study Italian in Italy then I would do it. I wish my boyfriend would agree to it too and we could live in a villa in the countryside. That would be my dream.
  15. Thanks for the help! I just started learning German with my boyfriend and that is the most difficult part we are stumbling over. We both know a little Spanish and the gender situation is slightly similar, but it throws us off.
  16. I love to go on youtube to watch language channels. I like the informal ones, but sometimes the native speaker speaks a little too fast and I can't keep up with what they are saying.
  17. I tried learning Italian from a book I bought at a yard sale, but it was from the 70s. It was full of outdated slang that people don't use anymore. It is like if I were to go around saying "hip man" and "groovy" all day in America.
  18. Thanks for the links. I'll have to check out this app. I will probably get it from the Amazon store. How has the feedback been on it so far?
  19. I love to read about memory and how the brain compartmentalizes things so efficiently. I remember reading about a man who could not recognize faces in the Boston area. That was just not something that he could do. His brain would just not file away that information. It would get "deleted" as soon as the person was gone. Imagine living a life where everyone you looked at was a stranger?
  20. My favorite language that is not my native tongue is French. There is just something beautiful in the way that they pronounce words and they say them with such flair. I don't think that English sounds that nice. I understand it is a romance language, but I don't think Spanish has that appeal as well. Italian does, but not so much Spanish. I think that language has a harshness to it that I don't like.
  21. The last time I evaluated my vocabulary size was when I was in high school and I was told that I was reading at a grad student level. Other than that I never felt the need to figure out what reading level I was at. I find it very pointless to keep learning new words when most people don't even understand what I am trying to convey at times. I always have to stop and define the words that I am saying and it is very frustrating.
  22. I wouldn't want one language for earth because there are some things that you can't express in English, but you can express them in Spanish. There are also things that can be said in German that we don't have a word for in English and if we got rid of all of these languages and meanings I think we'd have to lose some of these concepts. Unless, this super language would include them in their definitions as well.
  23. It does if you are looking for a job and it will help make you seem like a well rounded character. Sometimes there are jobs that have international markets and they want to find people who would be able to communicate with corporate offices that are overseas. I have seen some jobs in marketing and in international relations that need people to be bilingual.
  24. I have learned vocabulary by reading books in the library and writing down the words that I am unfamiliar with. Then I go into the dictionary and search their meanings and re-read the book I was reading to give it context. I find that when I do it in a contextual way then I can remember the definition a whole lot more than just reading words straight out of the dictionary and not knowing their meanings.
  25. So far my bucket list is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian. I also want to be able to understand Japanese and be able to speak a little of it. I don't need to learn how to read or right it. I just want to be able to say hello and a few phrases in Japanese before I die.
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