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  1. Spellings, I use to hate it when I was going to school, because some words spell different from how they sounds. It was always difficult for me and even now I still have trouble spelling some words. It was this morning I ask someone to spell Stoop, I was spelling it Stope . So you see I hate spellings.
  2. Well to answer that question . I think a child begins to learn from three months up, and even when you are pregnant you can teach that child, it may sound stupid but it true, so I think the best time to teach them is from three months and even earlier. There are many different ways to teach them. You can call the name of the things you use when bathing them or when they are eating , just about anything and see the result. It does work. :grin:
  3. English is the first language that everyone should learn. And yes it is a major part of our school curriculum. It is also important for everyone across the globe to learn English.
  4. Oh my goodness.. I hate it so much, I always try to spell my word when sending a text and then the when the person reply its a short cut message sometimes I don't even understand what they say I have to read it over and over to get it. I really don't like it .
  5. I do care because I come from a country that speak Patoise and even though many people want to learn our language I want to brake away from it, Sometimes it sound terrible when you mix Patoise and English together. So i care about what people thinks about how I speak .
  6. I think it can be effective if you want it to be that way, However I would do it but I would do it live, where i can see the tutor. But whatever you put your mind to then you can achieve great thing.
  7. Well, when an individual loves something, he or she will find him/herself spending most of their time doing that something. So, I don't find myself doing a lot of reading, which translates to mean that I don't really love reading. I don't have a problem if I get a reading assignment however. I'm up for it. I still think I do well in my English reading and writing though.
  8. I learn better with others around me, Going to school with children in my age group was so much fun. And so whenever we get our home work we would do it together. Because if there was something that you don't understand then someone in the group would help you to understand it. So working together with other work for me.
  9. Yes, We are only human and human forget, On the other hand I do forget at times some very simple words. And then some words I just don't even try to use if i don't know the meaning.
  10. I will do will in learning, but when it comes on to exam it really stresses me out. I always have a terrible head-ache and so nervous, to the fact that I can't concentrate or focus. And then I worry about the result on weather or not I pass. Sounds funny but true.
  11. They say French is the language for love. And that is true. I love you in French is Je t'aime and I love you too is, Moi aussi, Je t'aime. It sound so sweet.
  12. I am annoyed by it at time, but whenever I get short-cut messages I try not to reply with short-cut. And I realize that even the younger people are doing it. I even heard where someone send an application letter using short-cut. A mean they are getting so use to this thing that they tend to forget not to use it in everything. OMG.
  13. I would say i want to learn the Chinese Language. Reason been we have a lot of Chinese is our country doing business. And so when the workers do thing that they don't like they use there language to describe them. So I would like to learn Chinese Language.
  14. Whenever I use "Lol", It does make the conversation more exiting. So I use it a lot. Lol.
  15. Yes, English is a primary language that everyone should learn even if they speak another language. It is also important because most countries speak English. So if you speak French or Spanish, English should be your second language .
  16. Yes, I think it good, because it allows you to speak to people who speak different languages and we understand what they say and we can respond to what they say.
  17. Not everything glitter is gold. This means that not everything you look at is real .
  18. No! I definitely would not try to even do that, its my Heritage and I would not want to throw away my Heritage. If I live in another country I would try to learn there language, I would never forget mine, Never you try to forget where you come from. I can understand if you were born in your country and you parent move to another country before you were able to talk. But other wise keep your Language. and learn another.
  19. Yes! Whenever we are seeking for jobs the employer would ask if you do have a second language as it would be an asset. Especially if it a job where you have to deal with all different type of people.
  20. I would say studying with friends always help, because then and there you can do practice test. It also help motive you, to want to do your best at what you do. And if there be something that you don't understand they can explain for you. So i think studying with friends really help.
  21. Well they have there own ways of communication. Lets use a Dog, well whenever they don't like you they well growl at you. When its mating season they have a unique scent to signal there mate. :grin:
  22. I think the top three (3) Languages is:English, French and Spanish. English is most widely use Language in the world. Its the easiest Language to catch on to. While Spanish and French is harder, reason been if you are not from a that speak these Language then you would have to go to school to learn them. But they are definitely the top three Language in the world.
  23. Yes it does happen to me, I come from the Caribbean, Jamaica is my country and we speak Patoise. So often times when talking to someone from a different country like: America, when ever they comes to Jamaica we have to try to speak proper English. And so it causes me to speak more Patoise and forget the English words. I hope I answer your question.
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