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  1. It seems that it's very easy to forget a language, especially if you don't use it at all. My aunt from Australia can barely speak Romanian now, but she's been there for 20 years.
  2. People think Australians are very stupid and most of them do drugs. That isn't true. I've been to Australia and they have a lot of museums. I haven't met any potheads or aggressive people.
  3. I think Walter did the right thing. If he didn't do it, someone else would have. But he has also made almost pure amphetamine, so the users wouldn't die so fast. He actually did a better thing than staying alive for 1 year.
  4. Sadly, my town is from Romania and there are no beautiful buildings. Maybe the Culture Palace, which is a big palace from the 1700s.
  5. There are more English speakers. This means there are more countries open to speaking English. Thus, they have become English - friendly.
  6. Swearing at people in German is a good way of displaying verbal violence in my opinion. However, the language itself isn't aggressive at all. It's like saying mathematics is more aggressive than physics because it is simply more complicated.
  7. French is the most romantic language. Everybody knows that. It's useful if you want to get some girl's love too .
  8. Usually, playing video games is the best way of learning it quickly. I recommend it to all of you, since it's fun and very useful.
  9. It's like throwing someone in the water and telling them to swim. You simply can't do that. You should teach the respective language step by step.
  10. From what I've heard, Japanese is the hardest language. You need to learn a new alphabet and the grammar is very difficult.
  11. It seems that I am a fast reader. I usually jump over the details, but I understand the main idea. If I enjoy a book, I read it slower and I am more careful at every single word.
  12. It's a great way of learning and I recommend it, especially if you have an auditory memory. If your favorite songs are in the language you're trying to learn, you have a big advantage over other students.
  13. An hour before the exam, I am very nervous. I shake a lot and go to the toilet very often. But when I get the subject, I relax immediately and start solving it.
  14. The Australian accent is very calm and happy. But I also like the English accent as well. The Irish Pirate accent seems the most fun to me.
  15. I don't need a dictionary as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection. However, I don't check it very often because there are only a few complicated words that are used in every day talking.
  16. I'd learn Russian. Russia is a very big country and its people are very open to anything. They are like my people and I would like to understand a Moldavian when he says something to me in Russian. This way, I won't need to ask him to translate it to me.
  17. It's a very reliable method. This is how I've learned the basics of English. However, you must play singe player games that have a story line. Remember though, you can't learn the entire language only by playing video games.
  18. I have a very good visual memory. If I can read a sentence, I'll remember it for the rest of the day. It's very easy to learn a language this way.
  19. I've Shakespeare and Emily Bronte. Their novels were very good, but I would like to know if there is a modern day equivalent to them.
  20. I would like to study this poet, but I don't speak German so well. Do you think I can still understand what it says if I use a vocabulary? I've read some of his work in English and I can say he was indeed a genius.
  21. It depends. If you need to learn a new alphabet, writing is the hardest of all. But usually, speaking is the ultimate test. If you can speak the language, then you can say you master it.
  22. I started learning English in the 2nd grade. Since then, I have been learning German as well. These two languages are somehow related.
  23. Just keep speaking it. This way, you'll never forget it. Make sure you speak the language with someone else at least an hour a day. This way, you'll keep repeating and you'll never forget it!
  24. I enjoy Mathematics. German is very mathematical and rigid. It is complicated, challenging, yet very logical and fun. The first time I have ever heard a fluent German speaker, I really wanted to learn this language.
  25. I am glad to join this forum. My English is pretty decent, but I want to learn German here. After learning the basic things, I'll be happy to learn new things from Germans! I am also willing to teach Romanian to anyone who wants to know a few words. It's a beautiful and hard language, but not as hard as German. By the way, I'm a 23 years old student. I like reading books and playing video games. I usually go out with my friends in the weekends.
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