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  1. I love that song . I first heard it in the film "Donny Darko". Here is some more quotes from the book of counted sorrows: “Whiskers of the cat, Webbed toes on my swimming dog; God is in the details.” “The whisper of the dusk is night shedding its husk.” "Evil is a faceless stranger, living in a distant neighborhood. Evil has a wholesome, hometown face, with merry eyes and an open smile. Evil walks among us, wearing a mask which looks like all our faces." "In the real world as in dreams nothing is quite what it seems."
  2. Find someone who speaks the language. It is easier to learn a language by speaking to someone directly. You can get corrections and tips instantly and that helps the learning process very much.
  3. I think it will be hard for me to learn an accent. To get an accent you have to start speaking in it. The opportunity to speak in a foreign language is very less. I often feel so intimidated by an unknown language also.
  4. I think you should concentrate on one at a time. But it is very hard to do so. Even here I am trying to learn as much as possible. I am trying to learn Romanian, Hindi and some Chinese also from here. I do hope I will learn something of everything in the long run.
  5. I don't think that will ever happen. Although getting a chance to learn Mandarin Chinese is good, We can't say Chinese will be adopted as a universal language any time soon.
  6. I think I am happy with google translate for now. धन्यवाद् मीरा
  7. I often speed read one or two paragraphs and then go back and start reading slowly again. It happens without my knowledge. I think this has helped me to comprehend the content in a better way.
  8. My favorite fiction will be "Door to December" by Dean Koontz. I have read it 4 or 5 times already. Currently I am reading 'The Stand' by Stephen King. I think this one will be my new favorite.
  9. You should the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, if you haven't done so already. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Story_of_My_Experiments_with_Truth . I hope you can find an e-book of the same.
  10. Can you guys recommend some comic series to read? Also where can I find old comic books?
  11. Also what tool do you use for writing Hindi like this in this site? May be you can make a separate thread explaining that? I think it will help many people like me
  12. You can't force-dream in other language. Maybe you can imagine it. But dreams are totally controlled by our subconscious. If you have been living in another country and using a different language for a number of years, may be you will start to think/dream in that language.
  13. I would like to learn Aramaic language. I think the chances are less that I could actually learn it. This was the language that Jesus used the most. You can read about it from here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aramaic_language
  14. I have a very old Malayalam-English-Hindi dictionary at home and I used it mostly while studying in school. At that time I didn't have PC and internet connection, so dictionaries helped a lot in learning and understanding the meaning of new words.
  15. Thanks! That helped a lot. I will try to follow this when I am speaking next time. Is it safe to guess that words like sea,earth,rain are of feminine nature?
  16. I think it is fine to break some rules of grammar to convey your idea better. It is called poetic license and some authors do like to abuse this license . I found a gem on a website while searching for examples. Here it is, Three Ghostesses by Anonymous Three little ghostesses, Sitting on postesses, Eating buttered toastesses, Greasing their fistesses, Up to their wristesses, Oh, what beastesses To make such feastesses!
  17. “On the Road that I have taken, one day walking I awaken, amazed to see where I've come, where I'm going, where I'm from.” Do you know from where I copied this? It is from a non-existent book by a famous author. Find it if you can.
  18. I only know about that cute girl because her music was good and she was the youngest in the world to release a commercial album. I hope to learn from you in your free time.
  19. I live in South India and here people speak mostly Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada or Telugu. I think Hindi is recognized in all over India, so knowing Hindi and one more regional language will be very useful for communication.
  20. Hi I am new to this forum and I am amazed to see a Hindi section here. I know a little bit of Hindi as I have learned it for some years back in school. One thing which blocks me from communicating in Hindi is that almost all Hindi words have genders. So you have to use exact 'ka' or 'ki' along with the word when constructing sentences. Many have laughed at me for using improper gender for words during online game-play. I think if we can make a list of common words with their gender in a table, it will be very helpful for learners like me.
  21. Learning languages through movies is fun and quite rewarding. I do not watch many bollywood movies. But I recommend English Vinglish. I have seen it and it tells a story of a woman who finds herself ashamed that she doesn't know English. One other movie I liked was Taare Zameen Par. It tells a heart touching story about a kid with dyslexia. You will the movie for sure
  22. I know Malayalam (my mother tongue), English, Hindi and Tamil. And I am trying to learn Telugu, Kannada and Chinese.
  23. As you are a teenager, I recommend reading books of authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I am currently reading 'The Stand' by King and it is by far the most interesting book I have read of Stephen King. It is very lengthy but it is quite interesting.
  24. I think English is already a global language. It helps in online interactions a lot. I cannot think of any cons for having a universal language. It has only good implications.
  25. Music is good to learn. But I think movies help better than music. Songs may be having different pronunciations and it may be hard to catch words. But a proper subtitled movie conversation will help in learning new words.
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