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  1. Music helps me to retain the language. There are many different language learning songs that I would listen to while I shower to before I go to sleep. Its a fun way to learn a new language without it feeling like a chore.
  2. Well english is my native language but I can also write French. I can actually write it better than I can speak it. I understand the grammar very well so it came natural for me. :grin:
  3. Well I am studying as a requirement for college. However, it is a great way to get into different types of cultures. It is always good to expand your communication skills and language is one of them. I plan to learn at least six languages before I am satisfied. :grin:
  4. I learn the fastest through the use of flash cards. There is an app called AnkiDroid that is extremely useful. It shows you cards based on how well you did previously. You can easily learn 40 plus words a day with this app.
  5. I have never heard of this method but it seems like the way to go. Instead of forcing vocabulary into you brain, you can learn it at a more natural pace like a child learning. I had been looking for a system like this one. Thanks.
  6. I had this same issue when I had to learn Spanish. Rolling R's does not come natural to native English speakers for some reasons. What helped me was exaggerating and saying it slow. After practicing over and over it comes easy. :amazed:
  7. Hi Marco. Welcome to the forum. This is a great community for people who are in the process of learning different languages. There are many topics and discussions to join in on to get and give great advice.
  8. I have tried Duolingo and I think it is a great website especially for beginners. However, once I started getting past that beginner level, the site became less and less helpful. I would advise anyone just starting to learn a new language to check it out. I was extremely helpful to me.
  9. Thanks for the line, most of the points were very helpful. Right now I am learning french and I am trying to retain as much information as possible. I make it a priority to learn 20 words a day. This is the fastest way that I have been able to learn.
  10. One on one class has proven to be more effective for me. When I was in high school, it was difficult to learn in group classes because of all the distractions. I am able to learn with more ease when I am studying one on one.
  11. I live in the United States and I have never traveled outside of the country. I would love to live somewhere where french is spoken. I am studying language because it allows you to learn about other cultures. You can also expand your network when you are able to communicate with different types of people.
  12. I agree. Movies are a great way to learn a lang age. It allows to to get visuals and pronunciations. I started off watching kid movies that I know and love. That way I know what is going on because I seen it in English while learning a new language.
  13. Well I went to school in Georgia where it was mandatory that week take two years of a foreign language. I took Spanish but I did not retain much of the information. This is why I am trying to relearn and actually understand Spanish and French.
  14. I wouldn't say that I disliked a language more than another. All languages have their pros and cons but I would say Latin is my least favorite. This is solely because I was forced to learn it in high school when I wanted to do French.
  15. I just visited the site. This sounds like a great idea. I would be nice if there was a way for users to communicate with one another. :grin:
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