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  1. I started early because in Malta we watch a lot of italian TV. Being so close to Italy, a lot of people have italian heritage and a lot of Italian people visit our Island, so it's worth knowing. In fact a lot of Italians take it for granted that I know their language when I say I'm from Malta. Also in schools it is expected that we learn either Italian, French or Spanish, apart from the regular Maltese and English lessons. Being such a tourism centered country it's pretty important that we know as many languages as possible, even though nearly all tourists know English nowadays!
  2. As much as I love Japanese culture, I had never tried to learn Japanese as it seemed way too difficult and complex to learn by myself. However, I watch a lot of subbed anime and play a lot of Japanese games and I began to notice that I could isolate certain words that were used commonly. I released that it might not be such an impossible task as I initially thought it would be. I'm still learning as a very slow pace, as I'm self-taught, and my accent is terrible but it's still fun and I hope to be able to go to Japan one day and actually use what I've learned!
  3. I've not gotten a particular job because of the country I'm from. I guess the employers assume my English won't be adequate when in fact we're bilingual and I'm half Canadian anyway so my English is good. (Heck I usually have the best English when I'm talking to my American friends haha)
  4. Up until you are four years old is the prime time for language learning, or that's what they taught us in speech therapy anyway.
  5. I know italian decently well but whenever I used it in Italy people just stared at me. I think it's because in the mediterranean natives just make life easier for people by speaking to tourists in English, they just don't expect you to use their language.
  6. Welcome. Hope you enjoy the forums
  7. Not at all! Every language has its own sign language. In fact most have various sign languages, for example for english there are American and British versions at the least.
  8. Woah, that's a lot of language! Hope you enjoy the forums
  9. Welcome! Hope this forum can help you
  10. Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself here and learn a lot
  11. People who disregard graphic novels aren't worth your time! There are so many masterpieces out there. I won't waste time mentioning them all as many here have already named some great ones like V for Vendetta, etc.
  12. Whenever I had similar experiences I move either to audiobooks or graphic novels. It's a nice 'change of scene', so to speak.
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