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  1. There are so many tools or Softwares which are too useful for learning the language. As you need to learn the correct pronunciation of words while learning the language then you can use those tools to listen to the correct pronunciation.
  2. It totally depends on you that which genre you like the most according to you interest. If you are facing some problem with literature than I would suggest you take the help of a personal tutor.
  3. I don't understand that flash card can help you to improve your vocabulary, I would suggest you read some good books and use the dictionary to understand the correct mean of new words. I'm sure it will help you a lot.
  4. That's great to know about the lessons for German learners and I think that videos for the learners will be a great idea.
  5. It's nice method for learning the Japanese language and I liked the link you shared here.
  6. No need to carry a dictionary if you are having a smart phone with you.
  7. I don't think that there are any similarities in French and English.
  8. Never realized when I started my English learning journey but I liked your journey of learning while playing games you started learning. Keep it up.
  9. Yes, It's the best idea to learn anything. Just stick the notes everywhere in the house.
  10. If you are the beginner then I would like to suggest you hire a tutor for the Japanese language.
  11. You can use FluentU to learn the Chinese language.
  12. I don't know the Russian language but one of my friends knows so I just asked him about so I can answer you that it is not so complicated language. You can learn it.
  13. It's a good idea to learn the new words as well as to improve the German vocabulary.
  14. I would like to appreciate your passion of teaching to your kids in this age. Your daughter is just 3 years and you have started teaching so it's a great work done by you and it will be beneficial for your daughter.
  15. Hi, If you looking for the translation just to complete your homework than I would suggest you use google translate.
  16. If you are trying to learn the Chinese language then it's too good for you to watch the Chinese movies and shows. It will help you to improve your language and you will know the correct accent.
  17. I would like you to suggest to join some institute to learn the language instead of going to the different country just to learn the language.
  18. I will suggest you join some classes and you should try to communicate with your family to feel confident.
  19. Yes, you can get online tutors for learning Chinese but you have to practice it more so that you can be able to communicate frequently.
  20. I think that you should keep trying because one day you will get success and you will find that now you are not making any mistake. Practice it more and more to get success.
  21. You should join Skype and use video calling option to talk with some native speaker of German.
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