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  1. I Think no language is difficult if you are interested in learning it.
  2. Just watch some videos, read books and try to write something by which you can express your views.
  3. I would like to share a resource for students who wants to learn the Chinese language. visit http://www.selectmytutor.co.uk/subject-chinese.html
  4. Great news for the beginners who wants to learn the Japanese language.
  5. Yes, it's good to read louder because it helps to improve your language diction.
  6. You can also use some chatting websites where you can find the native German speakers and that will be the good option for you to practice.
  7. "Wenn dies im Widerspruch zu den Bestimmungen des Mietvertrages ist, wenden Sie sich bitte die Kündigungsfrist des Mindest tenent geltenden Ausgangs ab Anfang Oktober 2016".
  8. It sounds interesting that if we get a chance to see the children show in other language but I feel that it's a quite difficult task for kids because it's not an easy task for kids to learn the other language for a show.
  9. That's a good idea for teaching kids especially because it helps them to remember for a longer time.
  10. You can find someone using social networking sites to start your conversation in French.
  11. Quite a good method but I think it will need to take the help from a native Spanish speaker so that you can translate the novel.
  12. I would like to learn the Chinese language.
  13. You can learn with the help of online Japanese tutors. I'm sure you can learn through the online tutoring session and no need to go in any institution.
  14. You should try to communicate with your partner in English only so that your partner can be habitual to it. Ask your partner to read some good books, novels and you should help your partner to understand it. Watch some movies with subtitle so that your partner ca understand the correct accent of the language.
  15. According to me, every student should learn seriously if a school is trying to teach you some other languages because in future you can get the benefit of it.
  16. Yes, I agree with you and I also feel the same that a teacher's help is necessary to learn not only language but also for every subject which you want to learn. Teacher can assist you in a better way to learn it with the basics of it.
  17. It depends on that where are you living, if you are living in Spain than it is useful for you in your daily life or you work in such a field where you have to talk with your Spanish clients then it is useful for you so it totally depends on the situation and place.
  18. I think one should learn another language to accept the better job opportunity. There is nothing wrong in it.
  19. According to me, it's good to have a language assessment if you are looking forward to learning the new language.
  20. No, I don't think that Spanish is difficult at all.
  21. It's too difficult because you can't communicate properly with the student because you don't know the native language of the student. Try to teach your student in English and use some gestures to make him understand.
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