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  1. Thanks Blaveloper I am not the best graphical artist in the world, so I appreciate the help Have a great day!
  2. Hey Oscar and all others on the forum. Good to see that I am not the only new face (not the tennis ball in my avatar). Looking forward to see what goes on here. Been looking to join a forum like this since me and a co worker at the municipality administration created sort of a learn German "guide" as a little project. It got me thinking that I could try to learn more languages too. It will be exciting to see the things to come!
  3. French and Spanish are easy to learn if you know one of them already. They are similar in their ways
  4. Google and other translation programs don't always know the right translations, so I would not rely on Google alone. Maybe in the future though
  5. Thank you. My English is pretty good if I can say so myself, but it was still an intuitive list that could be useful
  6. To me it is a gateway into learning and understanding a different culture, not only to be able to communicate properly
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