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HI there! 

I am starting my new business - I make nice fine woman clothes - and I would like to sell on the internet. I am making my new brand, which is my name, and I would like a tagline more creative than "hand crafted in Italy". 

I used to put "abiti per vivere" in italian, but does the literal translation in English, "Dress to Live", make sense?


Thank you everybody... if you may gift me of some help.   :-)


Cheers :-) !


Schermata 2020-06-12 alle 09.jpg

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The fun thing about tag lines is that it's decorative.
As long as it isn't awkward as the photo below, it can be anything especially if your brand only exists in non-English countries.

a2879a3cd346b446d1f3f0aac3f41e3a--christmas-sale-funny-gifs.jpg (500×784)

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