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I can't understand this line in a song

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Bonjour, I was listening to this cover of Nea's Some Say and half of it is in French. I understand French a little bit, but with songs it's more difficult. I'm especially having trouble with the line following Et j'attendrai, j'attendrai, it's at 1:27. If someone would help me with it I'd be very happy! And if someone transcribed the entire French part that would just be amazing. Merci!:wub:


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Hey, Nice cover  :)  I don't understand why you just don't take an english lyric and link it with the french part it is easy to do no ?

but for to help you, she says in french ( sorry if I make mistakes with english ) :

j'te promets j'essaierais = I promise you I'll try

j'essaierais de rencontrer quelqu'un  = I will try to meet someone

des mecs ça yen a plein = there are lot of men

t'as dis que j'méritais quelqu'un =you've said I deserve someone

j'ai envie de t'appeler mais j'vais surement finir par tout gâcher = I want to call you but I surely will destroy everything

j'crois juste que chais pas c'que j'dois faire ou  pas = I just think I don't know what I must to do or not

même si j'sais bien que c'est peut-être stupide = even if I know it's maybe stupid

mais pour moi (or  "mais bon moi" I can't clearly hear ) j'ai besoin d'y croire encore et tu sais  = but ? I need to believe in it again and you know

on m'dis que tu m'aimeras un jour = some say  you will love me one day

et j'attendrai j'attendrai qu'un jour tu m'donnes ton amour  = and I will wait I will wait  that one day you give me your love 

dis juste que tu m'aimeras un jour = just say you will love me one day

et j'attendrai j'attendrai qu'un jour tu m'donnes ton amour = and I will wait I will wait that one day you give me your love 



Et J'attendrai , J'attendrai = And I will wait , I will wait  :smile:


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      If anyone could recognise the language, it would be a big help.
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