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How can I improve my pronunciation?

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4 hours ago, Tucho said:

Hey! I would like to improve my pronunciation but it's a bit tough for me since I don't have anyone to actually practice with. What do you recommend?

I would advise you to join us on Discord. You can chat & talk to people there for free...and improve your oral skills like that!

Here's the link: https://discord.com/invite/A2s9uyc

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Depends on what you mean with "pronunciation".

If you mean "the flow of speech", you could get a random comic or novel, and pronounce as you read.
I do this with the big amount of manga I bought over here over the past 2 years and never opened any of them yet, and I noticed really damn quick that not only my speech became very smooth very fast, I didn't need anyone to practise it too.

If you mean "the native-like pronunciation", I recommend watching YouTube videos in your target language, and shadow it.
No language tutorials, only real language!
I used videos by Japanese gaming YouTubers, noticed closely how they talk, replayed over and over again, and then tried to pronounce everything as they were talking.

Me working at a Japanese company helped me the most, but maybe you don't live in the country of your target language.
With the exception of me, everyone in the company I'm working for is monolingual Japanese speakers.
And even if you work at the company where your target language is used in your own country, chances are still high that your native language is still used most of the time.

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On 9/7/2020 at 12:07 PM, Corfer05 said:

I have the same problem, some words are difficult to me, I consider my fluent good but sometimes when two words are together my pronunciation is not understandable.

You mean something like "there's", "I'll", etc.?
You can separate them to make it easier, like "there's" = "there is", "I'll" = "I will", etc.

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