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Shoes in Spanish? What words are there?


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On 26.8.2013 at 3:15 AM, A0130 said:

Sneakers, high heels, sandals, etc.


I know zapatos is just "shoes", but are there other words for other types of shoes?



Yes, there are lots of different words for shoes in Spanish.  Here are just a few:


Sneakers = zapatillas

high heels = tacones altos

sandals = sandalias




platform shoe = zapatos de plataforma

flip flops = chanclas

loafers = mocasines

house slippers = zapatillas de casa




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Yes, you'll find a few words for every type of foot-ware. To add to that;

Shoes = also Calzado

Sneakers =  also Zapatos de lona or Calzado de Tenis

Boots = Botas

Slippers = pantuflas

Heels = Calzado Tacon

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This was really helpful. I didn't know the different types of shoes in English (loafers, etc.), so I got to learn the proper names for footwear in two languages!

One that I did know was the "chancla", apparently a method famously used by Mexican mothers to "treat" their kids ;)

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yes there are different words for different words. i know sandals are sandales.  :amazed:

and tennis sneakers and regular sneakers are very similar!  :laugh:

there are many ways to say all types of shoes in spanish :grin:

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Heh, you'd be surprised, but shoes or ''zapatos'' have different names in some places in Latin America. Some people call them ''tacos'', ''calzado'', ''chapines'', ''chanclas'', etc.


In my country we use both calzado, zapatos y chanclas.  If you want to know the name of the different kind of shoes and how we call them here, then check this out:


Shoes in Spanish


Botas = boots

Sandalias = Sandals

Huaraches = Sandals but mostly to wear around home.

Botines = short boots

Tacones = High heels

Tenis = Sneakers

Zapatillas = Flats

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@linguaholic it would depend were are you. If you were in Spain, you'd call them zapatillas (for instance, there is a song by a Spanish group called that way). In my country, you'd call them tennis. 

There are other words as well for other kinds of shoes, besides of what has been pointed out before. For instance, there are the apargatas (called espadrilles in english) and menorquinas


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