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"What is this?" in your native language?


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“What is this? in my native language would be translated into “ino ni nduu” the dot in the I is replace by this sign ~ . When I was growing up, our native language was included in the school syllabus. They have removed it today. Most kids do not understand or speak the native language. This is very sad as far as I am concerned.

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Other than English, I speak Jamaican Creole. "What is this" happens to be said in different ways depending on where on the island you are from. Some of these ways are:

  Wah dis?

  A wah?

  Wah iy bi?

  A wah it?


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“What’s this?” in my native tongue would be “uno ‘di? or uno adi?” I am from Bicol, Philippines and my native dialect is Rinconada. It is way different than our national language which is Tagalog/Filipino. Our intonations are terrible that if someone listen to us talk who doesn’t know our dialect would instantly think we are fighting or something.

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