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Availability of language learning books in bookshops


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Do you have a problem finding language course books for less popular languages? Is it easy to find the materials you need in your country?

I used to live in Russia, now I'm in Poland but one thing hasn't changed: extremely limited amount of learning materials for less popular languages. Judging by the shelves in a typical Russian/Polish bookshop, people only learn 5 languages here. You go inside and you see:

  • huge amount of English learning shelves
  • somewhat less but still a lot of German language materials
  • even less but acceptable number of French study books
  • Spanish learning books are in about the same amount as French or slightly less
  • finally, Italian corner with the same number of shelves as Spanish

The end. Sure, there are other languages but they should be considered lucky if they have a whole shelf or two to themselves.

I always feel a bit sad when I see it. Not that I don't like English, I do, but it's just... somehow not right.

What's your opinion? Do you have the same situation in your country?


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In my country it's even worse, I think! because my chosen languages are both very popular, you'd think I wouldn't struggle to find textbooks! Well, I do and when I do find some, the prices are extortionate. The staff often suggest I place a special order, but then that means more money. I don't know whether it's because foreign language learning is not all that popular here or whatever, but it's a nightmare. That's why I've resorted to scouring the net for free learning aids. I think I'll also buy any books I need from Amazon, get some eBooks. It's quicker and cheaper, so why not :) ?

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Where I live, we only have about three or four different languages in the language section.  I also live in an area with only one bookstore.  The others all closed because of the Internet and e-books.  I think the languages are Spanish, French, German, and I think that's it.  Every once in a while they may throw something else in that section, but it's mainly those few. 

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Now I can see I'm not the only one with that problem!

Here the books are also very expensive, especially if they come from abroad. The only option is to buy second-hand, that's what I normally do.

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Even though we have a pretty good selection here relatively speaking, I normally buy everything through Amazon. I always try to do some research and buy the best materials, even if they're more expensive. That being said, I buy a lot fewer books than I used to. I usually get a paper text or grammar, but most of my L2 reading material is online. 

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